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Common Element Maintenance

Hardware Tools

Did you notice something on our Common Elements that needs attention?


Would you like to inform Management of a Common Element issue that needs fixing, or some extra care? Let us know about it using the form below!


Please be sure to include as much detail as possible (where, when, what).

Common Elements Maintenance Report:


Please note that:

1) This is a one-way reporting tool; Property Management will receive your submission, but will only contact you if we need more information. 

2) This tool is only for common element issues; it cannot be used to report in-suite problems as these are the owner's responsibility to maintain.

3) All reports will be "triaged" in order of urgency and in accordance to when our staff and/or contractors are able to deal with the problem most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Thank you for submitting a maintenance request. Please note that Property Management will only get back to you if they need more information regarding the common element issue (no in-suite work).