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Condensation on Windows

Every winter Property Management receives complaints of water and ice on windows inside the suites. This water and ice build-up is caused by condensation which is caused when warm moist air comes in contact with dry cooler air. You can control the amount of condensation build-up in your home by monitoring and controlling your humidity levels.

Try these few suggestions in your suite to try to control your humidity levels:

a) Always use your exhaust fan when cooking, doing laundry or showering/bathing.

b) If hanging laundry to dry inside your suite or running your clothes dryer, always ensure to have exhaust fans on to ventilate out moist air. This moist hot air will dramatically change the humidity level in your suite and cause additional condensation issues.

c) Crack a window open each day for approximately 1 hour to ventilate your suite with fresh dryer air from outside.

It is also important to dry these areas where condensation builds up in order to prevent water damage to your suite and to prevent mold from starting.

For more information on Condensation, please feel free to contact the Management Office.

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