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Recycling Bins: NEW on the P2/P3/P4 levels

We are very happy to report that the use of the Recycling bins that have been located in the corridors of the parking garages is going well. These bins are filled each and every day. But we would like to remind everyone that when placing boxes in these bins, you must take the time to break them down and/or fold them. This will allow more room in the bins and make it easier for staff to transfer the recycling to the larger bins that are picked up by our garbage contractor.

While Recycling has improved as noted above, garbage continues to be a top concern in the building. Despite numerous notices, Residents are STILL NOT following the proper process for using the garbage rooms. Our Superintendent and Cleaning Staff spend hours each day clearing jams in the compactor and garbage chute. This is an issue for ALL Residents as improper use of the room leads to malfunctioning chutes, unpleasant odours in the corridors as well as time and money that could be put to use elsewhere. In an effort to help reduce the issues with garbage, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that ALL Resident should be following:

● DO place all garbage in a tied/secured bag before putting down the chute (especially food).

● DO NOT jam bags or other large items into the chute. If the bag does not fit, separate the materials into two or more bags. All Large items such as vacuums, bowling balls, strollers, carpet, etc. MUST be disposed of OFF-SITE. All Furniture also MUST be disposed of OFF-SITE, as we do not have the storage facilities to store everything until these items are picked up.

● DO separate recyclable material such as organic (food) waste from bottles, cans, paper, and place them in tied/secured bags. The tri-sorter has buttons that allow you to select the material you are throwing out to make sure it gets into the right bin.

● DO NOT throw cardboard down the chute. As already stated above, please break down/fold all cardboard into manageable sizes and place it into the bins provided on P2, P3 and P4.

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