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Spring Maintenance

With the coming of Spring, there are many things that need to be completed around the building. Below is our Spring Maintenance Schedule for your information:

April 29- Heating System turned off.

May 2- Air conditioning System turned on.

May 2- BBQ's opened.

May 5- Full building carpet cleaning.

May 16- Monthly fire alarm testing.

May 24 and 25- P1 Level Garage Cleaning.

May 26 and 27- P2 Level Garage Cleaning.

May 30 and 31- P3 Level Garage Cleaning.

June 1 and 2- P4 Level Garage Cleaning.

June 6- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floors 36 to 31

June 7- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floors 30 to 25

June 8- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floors 24 to 19

June 9- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floors 18 to 13

June 10- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floor 12 to 7

June 13- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floor 6 to 3

June 14- Fan Coil Maintenance- Floors 2 to G

Week of June 20- Annual Fire Alarm Testing (All Suites). More information to be provided as we get closer to this date.

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