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Fan Coil Maintenance

Maintenance of all In-Suite Fan Coil Units will commence on Monday, June 6. 2016. Please see the schedule below for when your suite will be attended.

Monday, June 6: Floors 36 to 31

Tuesday, June 7: Floors 30 to 25

Wednesday, June 8: Floors 24 to 19

Thursday, June 9: Floors 18 to 13

Friday, June 10: Floors 12 to 7

Monday, June 13: Floors 6 to 3

Tuesday, June 14: Floors 2 to G

All Residents are reminded to ensure there is a minimum of four (4) feet clearance in front of each fan coil unit as contractors will not move any personal belongings.

For additional information on this service work, please contact the Concierge or Management Office.

Reminder: This work is being done as a courtesy to all unit owners as the fan coil units are owned by each unit owner. Any costs associated with rescheduling the maintenance or repair will be charged to the unit owner:


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