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Gymboree Grand Opening: Post-Event Notice

Dear Residents,

The Emerald City Social Committee was excited to create a new play space for the children of our building, and to host a “Gymboree and Play Room Grand Opening” for them! On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, the Grand Opening event welcomed over 100 residents, who had fun trying out the new toys and area with their kids. Guests were also served pizza and snacks, children received loot bags, and there were even prize winners (thank you to those who participated; all prize winners have been notified).

If you’d like to see how the new Gymboree and Play Room looks, or how fun the event was, please click here:

All volunteers and staff would like to remind parents of important rules:

1. Please CLEAN UP after your child. The Play Room MUST be left in an orderly manner. If the room is not tidy BEFORE your child begins playing, please notify security immediately. If you do not leave the area clean before leaving, or your child damages any toys and/or the area, we will be charging you back to the expenses of cleaning up, repairs, etc. Please remember that this is a common space for ALL the children of the building, and is funded by all owners of the building; therefore, we ask that you treat this room and its contents with the utmost respect.

2. The carpeted area is SOCKS-ONLY. Shoes and bare feet are strictly not allowed.

3. There is NO FOOD and NO DRINKS on the carpeted area. Please consume all refreshments at home before or after your visit to the Play Room.

4. The Play Room is intended for children 3 TO 8 YEARS OF AGE ONLY.

5. You and your child use the Play Room AT YOUR OWN RISK and only UNDER STRICT AND DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION.

Anyone found misusing the room will be notified by Management with a warning. If the incident is major or the problem persists, Management has the restrict to remove access to the facilities.

As there are many residents eager to use the Play Room, we ask that anyone interested in doing so please visit the Concierge desk to SIGN IN (before using the Play Room) and SIGN OUT (after using the Play Room). There have already been damages to the room and toys, as well as residents leaving the room in untidy conditions, and we wish to ensure that this is not a repeated issue going forward.

All the best,

Staff & Volunteers of Emerald City One (TSCC 2368)

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