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Important Change to All Bookings

Dear Residents,

We'd like to make you aware of a change that the Board of Directors authorized in order to make bookings fair for all residents. As requested by residents and with their feedback, the Board has changed the bookings "temporary hold" policy (this includes the Party Room, Guest Suite, and Elevators).

All bookings will only have a 48-hour (2 business day) courtesy hold on them. During this time, all completed forms and payment are required to be submitted in order to book the facility. Should the forms and payment not be received, Management has the right to end the hold and release the booking to other residents.

This policy change prevents last-minute "cancellations" of temporary holds, and ensures that all residents have access to booking the facilities in a timely manner should another resident wish to book it.

In accordance with resident feedback, the new policy also includes a mandatory hire of a Security Guard to supervise the move. This ensures that the Desk Guard can continue performing his/her main duties (maintaining access control, assisting residents with parking permits and parcels, etc), while the dedicated Security Guard for elevator bookings conducts pre-inspections, prepare the elevator by placing up protective padding, supervise the move to ensure no damage is caused to the building (damage that all owners may end up paying for), then conducting a post-inspection and taking down the elevator pads so the elevator may be put back on regular service. The cost for the guard is $100.00 (all-inclusive) in addition to the $250 damage deposit (the damage deposit is fully refundable as long as no damage has occurred).

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