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Elevator Bookings Fee- Survey Results

Dear Neighbours,

A few months ago, two changes were made to the Elevator Booking Policy: (1) holds will be considered for a maximum of 48 hours, after which all paperwork and cheques will be required or the booking will be released to other residents without notice, and (2) a guard fee of $100.00 (tax included) became part of the protocol for booking elevators, with the exception of small deliveries from professional companies (ex: Ikea, Structube, etc.).

This fee was put in place in order to prevent the cost that all owners had incurred due to damage to the common elements, residents not showing up on time or ending on time and thus impacting others' ability to move in/out on time, and to ensure that residents stop improper disposal of items (sofas, tables, chairs, etc.) and garbage (boxes, cling wrap, etc.- stuff that often seems to end up jamming our garbage chute and costing all owners for the Superintendents' time to relieve the clog and fixes to the damaged chute system and/or compactor).

Since the fee was put in place, we had a few owners contacting both Management and the Board of Directors because they either didn't understand its purpose or disagreed with it. As always, the Board is happy to take feedback and see how we can further investigate and/or apply suggestions.

As such, we put together a survey for owners to take so that we can consider options going forward. We used the website for the survey. The survey remained available for residents for a duration of two months (May 2017 - June 2017), and nearly 50 owners provided their feedback. While the survey is now closed and not gathering new responses, you may still view the survey for more information on the three options that were voted upon: (1) Continue Current Policy, (2) Go Back to How It Was, and (3) Spread Out Costs to All Owners Via Maintenance Fees.

Once the survey was closed and not receiving new responses, the SurveyGizmo conveniently compiled an independent report of the results which we were able to download and attach for residents to view.

You may download a copy of SurveyGizmo's independent report by clicking here.

As summary of the report is as follows:

91% of owners voted that the current policy of hiring a guard for $100 continues,

7% of owners voted that we go back to the previous policy, and

2% of owners voted that we spread out the costs to all owners via maintenance fees.

As the great majority of all feedback from owners was to keep the current policy of hiring a guard, this policy will be maintained. The benefits of this policy include: (1) each resident pays for their own use of the guard, therefore maintenance fees are not affected, (2) the desk guard is able to perform his/her duties and be consistently available to assist residents, and (3) less damage to the common elements- cost of repairs is minimized for all owners.

We are happy to report that we've already seen significantly less damages that result in costs being distributed to all owners thanks to this policy, as we are now very often able to identify the person responsible for the damages and back-charge them accordingly.

All the best,

The Board of Directors of TSCC 2368.

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