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Guest Suite: Be Our Guest!

We'd like to start off this post by thanking everyone who provided feedback as to the Guest Suite, and how they felt it could better suit the needs of their guests. It's feedback like this that helps us improve our amenities so that we can cater to our community best- we couldn't do it without you!

As always, if you have any feedback about any amenity, please don't hesitate to contact either Property Management or the Board of Directors.

The top items requested were:

1) A mini-kitchenette (mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee/tea maker),

2) Hair Dryer,

3) Television,

4) Wifi,

5) Potential for one extra sleeping space, and

6) Wardrobe.

When we approached the project, we looked at what the existing state of the room and its contents, and realized that a few items were not functioning properly (the nightstand lamps, floor lamp, etc.) and others needed to be replaced (linens, some well-worn furniture). All these issues have been corrected.

After painting the room in a deep Emerald Green tone for the headboard accent wall and neutral Dove Gray for the other walls, we replaced most of the contents of the room (except the mattress and headboard). We added a full wardrobe with mirror (in lieu of the dresser), a coffee cart with all the mini-kitchenette appliances and a full range of dinnerware and cutlery, proper nightstands with working lamps, a pull-out couch that sleeps one extra person, a TV (with Netflix) and wifi, and lovely decor items throughout to create a relaxing oasis for your guests. We even added coffee capsules and tea to help ensure your guests' every comfort!

In order to afford these changes, we kept costs low by asking the Superintendents to complete most of the work and our Board also volunteered their time with acquiring items, assembling furniture, and decor of the room. The fee for the room has also been increased by a nominal $10.00 per night, accounting for full "pay-back" of the room (according to average rental numbers) in under two years.

We are happy that current feedback regarding the upgraded suite has been incredibly positive, and that we now have a fully functional and welcoming space for when our residents require a little extra room for their friends and family.

If you're interested in booking the Guest Suite...

1) Check availability by visiting the Calendar (Events & Bookings) Page.

2) If your date is available, contact our Admin from Property Management to hold your date (for up to 48 hours, while you complete the required paperwork and cheques).

3) Drop off the paperwork and Certified Cheque(s) or Money order to Property Management within 48 hours to secure your booking.

Don't forget to pick up your keys to the Guest Suite from Security when checking in!

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