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Pre-Submitted Questions: Answered (2017 AGM)

Dear Homeowners,

Thank you to all who have pre-submitted their questions for the 2017 AGM. The below questions are those submitted by the deadline of September 12, 2017. Please note that the suite numbers and resident names have been omitted from this post for privacy reason. Once the FAQ section of the website is ready, these Q & A’s (along with relevant others received during the AGM) will also be included there.

1. Carpet Stains - [Suggests a] need for a better solution for cleaning / removing carpet stains.

We thank you for the feedback. Keeping our carpets clean is an ongoing battle and our cleaning staff try their best to ensure the broadloom is maintained. That said, residents - especially ones with pets and those with suites under renovation - often cause staining and other carpet damage.We follow-up with individuals if and when we can, and also charge a cleaning fee when appropriate.

2. Occupancy - The occupancy fee is not immediately family friendly as the fee punishes families with young children. The fee is supposed to be applied with discrimination such as only apply to units that are being over-rented. Young children also would not use as much utilities as what adults would use.

The Occupancy bylaw was adopted as part of Bylaw #13 by a majority of all owners. While we are sympathetic to young families we must respect the vote of owners for this Bylaw and ensure that everyone pays their fair share (infants up to 12 months are an exception). Those with growing families beyond the number of bedrooms their units were intended to house must contribute fairly so they are no different than those with 1 or 2 too many tenants for the number of bedrooms.

3. Drywall Hole - (Riser Anchor Issue) - When will you fix the hole in my drywall?

We are beginning to close the drywall in areas we can both on the -06 riser that has been without use of one of their two fan coil units and expect to begin repairing the work on 4 additional risers which were investigated as sample risers as early as the next two (2) weeks.

4. Recycling System - Is it possible to have dedicated chute for garbage, recycling and organics? If not, do you [know] of other developers who build this way? Is there a city initiative to encourage developers to have 3 chutes to ensure recyclable items are not contaminating garbage?

Dedicated chutes are nearly impossible to retrofit into a building with a single chute. Tri-sorters are what most buildings install in order to collect and separate different kinds of waste. There is a City initiative and advertising campaign regarding contamination of recyclable waste but we do not have collection from the City and using the tri-sorter properly will ensure that waste, recycling, and organics are separated.

5. Damages - Due to water damage, some units need repair. [My suite] has been on the waiting list for 23 months. When [are] the repairs getting done?

We would kindly remind Owners that at Annual General Meetings no suite-specific issues are to be addressed. The repairs to this suite, however, were recently completed by the developer who is the party responsible for repairs.

6. Odour - Excess food and cooking smell fills up units. What can be done?

The makeup air system which provides fresh air to the suites via the corridors of each floor should ensure smells remain inside of each suite. However, anyone opening their suite doors trying to ventilate can cause this pressurization to be unbalanced and smell transfer to occur. As such, we ask that residents follow the rules and not to ventilate into the halls. Any residents that deal with persistent odour issues are welcome to contact management about the problem.

7. Access Devices - I would like to have an access card in addition to my key fob. How do I proceed?

Currently, the Access Policy only allows for 1 access card or fob per registered resident. If your question is in regards to having an additional card so that you may leave your fob in the car, then please note that the Board has considered a slight variation to the access device policy. This variation maintains the existing security requirements but adds convenience for residents as it would keep the 1 access device per occupant rule in place but allow for an additional garage remote programmed only for use with the garage doors to be provided. This will allow residents who share a single vehicle to not be burdened so that residents who share a single vehicle can keep the remote in their car.

8. Access Devices - When I first moved in June 2017. I was told that I can only apply for 2 access cards because it’s the Condo Bylaw. My condo is a 2 bedroom unit. Is it logical to limit only 2 access cards per unit?

The Board of Directors is required to enforce the rules and regulations of the condominium (access cards are not part of a bylaw). We are required to limit the number of access devices to 1 per registered occupant of the suite with certain restrictions for children. We cannot provide access to off-site Owners or for non-registered persons.

9. Party Room - Noise goes on after midnight, where is [the] security guard?

Security officers are not required for parties of less than 30 and if no alcohol is served. Noise complaints should be directed to the concierge on duty at that time so they can deal with the issue when it is most impactful.

10. Management Office Hours - I have visited the management office on several occasions within the hours posted on the door. But, the door remains locked even when I knocked at the door. What are the actual working hours? Should it be the same as listed on the door?

The members of the property management team do their best to ensure that they are available to residents most of the working day in the office. When they are available to residents, the door remains unlocked. There are occasionally reasons that both the property manager and site administrator are away from the office together attending to a matter or are in a meeting that cannot be interrupted.

11. Moving Elevator Fee - Some queries came in after the deadline asking about the status of the elevator booking fee for the guard which there was a survey distributed previously.

It was suggested to the Board to implement a the $100 guard fee (the minimum fee that our security company charges to book a guard). The guard oversees moves and protects the elevators and corridors from damage and/or improper disposal of items. A few residents provided negative feedback in regards to the fee, and the Board launched a survey to ask for owners’ opinions. 91% of surveyed owners voted in favour of keeping the current policy, and thus it will remain in place. More information can be found on the Emerald Blog.

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