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Proper Waste Management

Emerald City One is a very big building; we have 36 floors, 479 suites and 4 levels of parking. The staff do their very best to keep the building clean, tidy and well-maintained; however, we need your help with that. There are many disposal areas located throughout the building to assist with waste removal and recycling.

Great effort has been initiated to provide a clean and enjoyable environment for Emerald City One's residents and guests. Unfortunately, that effort isn't enough without your help; we need your cooperation when disposing of waste and properly using the disposal facilities. Proper procedure includes: (1) bringing ALL flattened and broken-down cardboard down to the recycling areas in the P2, P3, & P4 parking corridors, and placing them into the provided blue bins, (2) garbage waste and organics should be placed into a bag, tied and pushed down the garbage chute, (3) recycling that can go down the chute includes bottles, cans and small plastics. Please do not place items inside the refuse room on the floor or leave them wedged into the chute opening. This creates foul odours and leaves the responsibility of pushing your waste items down the chute by the next person that wishes to use the disposal facilities. Larger waste items should be placed into a large, durable garbage bag, tied and brought down and placed in front of the garbage room door located adjacent the moving area, outside of the building.

Please, and I cannot stress the importance of this enough- please DO NOT PUT ANY cardboard, furniture, appliances, linens or non-essential waste down the garbage chute. Even if you cut it, break it down or fold it many times or if it appears to fit, I assure you that it can still and will get jammed and potentially damage the compactor. The chute is not designed for large or hard items.

The chute is not a straight drop; in fact it has a bend in it to slow the decent before impacting the bins/compactor below. There is a dividing plate that shifts when you press the buttons to change where the tri-sorter places your items. When large or hard (or even linens) get stuck in the bend or between the divider, it causes the flow of garbage to become stuck, backs up and can damage the tri-sorter and compactor. When this occurs, a service call must be made to get the machines repaired at the Condominium Corporation's cost (unless we can track down who is responsible and back-charge them).

Building Waste Management- Residential Interior

There is a waste management chute located on each of the above-ground floors, which functions as a tri-sorter for waste, recycling, and organics (Green Bin items). Additionally, there are recycling bins for larger recyclable items (such as flattened cardboard boxes) located in the P2, P3 and P4 corridors. For those on the ground floor (G), there is a disposal room on the ground floor in the residents’ corridor.

Building Waste Management- Parking & Exterior

There are garbage cans located at each entrance point coming in from the underground parking, and we have recently added 2 locations (the bicycle rack area, and the adjacent Stair-J in P1).

There are also garbage cans and ash trays located around the building exterior and by every entrance.

Donations: Clothing and Household Goods

We have a donation bin for gently used household items and clothing located in the Ground Rear (GR) moving room.

Thank you for your Cooperation!

- Douglas Carney, EC1 Superintendent.

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