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Pets @ Emerald City One

Emerald City One is a pet-friendly building, but we also require pet owners to be responsible.

When in the common elements:

Pets must be on a leash (or in a carrier) and in your control at all times. Please remember that not every resident enjoys your pet(s), or may even be fearful of them, so please ensure that your pet does not jump on people, become aggressive, etc.

We do understand that accidents can and do happen, but if your pet does have an accident inside the building, please advise a staff member so that the area can be sanitized immediately.

Walking your pet:

On the exterior of the building, there are two Doggie Waste station that includes a baggie dispenser. We provide the baggies at this station for resident use, but please remember that it is always the residents’ responsibility to be prepared and pick up after their pet(s). It is also required that take your pets away from the building entrances/exits and planted gardens before allowing them to relieve themselves.

Should you see anyone not picking up after their pet(s), please gather as much information as possible and report to Security or Property Management so that we may hold the person accountable (note that the clean-up fee for not picking up after your pet is $75.00 for each occurrence).

Pet Room:

We are a pet-friendly building, and the staff at Emerald City love their furry friends. One of our amenities is a pet room to help with bathing and grooming. Recently, we have placed a wall-mounted vacuum for cleaning up after using the facilities. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping this room clean and tidy so that everyone can enjoy it.

Thank you for your Cooperation!

- Douglas Carney, EC1 Superintendent.

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