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Elevators: Holding & Blocking Doors

Hold the door (HODOR!?)

… Only, please don’t.

Elevators in Condos can be tricky machines and like anything mechanical, they can get stuck, malfunction, and break. Our elevators are no different. Emerald City One has 4 elevators that service 36 residential floors and 4 levels of parking. With 479 units in the building, that is a lot of daily human traffic.

Wait times can get crazy, we understand. When an elevator goes down and we have scheduled bookings for the service elevator that cannot be rescheduled, it can take time to catch a ride in one. But, if someone holds or forces an elevator door to remain open, a few things happen.

  1. If held for too long, the elevator will buzz and attempt to force the door closed. It, at this point thinks that there is something (and sometimes it is correct) obstructing the door or that the sensor is malfunctioning.

  2. The motion sensor will stop working. Usually, you can wave a hand in-between the door and the wall. When this is done, the sensor indicates to the elevator that there is something in front of it and it will re-open. However, when the buzzer is sounding after being held open and the elevator has begun to force close its doors, the sensor will no longer respond.

  3. Increased wait times. We realize that waiting for the elevators can in some cases be taxing, but while the door is being held, other people are waiting. They either must wait until the car being held finally resumes and reaches them, or another car (hopefully not being held as well) picks them up. Again, there nearly 500 suites here, just imagine if every single resident held the elevator doors open over the period of a day. The combined wait time would be incredible.

  4. If the door is continued to be obstructed or it is forced back open, the car will stop. It assumes that there is something wrong and the car will shut down, requiring us to make a service call to our elevator company to resolve the issue.

Now, we are not saying do not use the door open button to be polite and help friends, guests and neighbors when they are attempting to board. That is common courtesy and we appreciate and practice this ourselves. However, holding and forcing the door to remain open, can be unsafe/dangerous to people and can cause damage to the elevators.

Please do not hold, force open or obstruct the elevator doors. Thank you for helping us keep Emerald City One a safe and enjoyable environment!

Douglas Carney


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