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What do our Supers do?

Well, that is a good question. I am glad that you asked, because there can be some confusion between what a Superintendent is responsible for in a Condominium vs. what a Superintendent is responsible for in a rental complex.

In a Condominium, you (or your landlord) own your suite and everything inside it. That means that the appliances, fixtures, exposed plumbing, sinks, faucets, window hand cranks and even the heating/cooling system (fan coil unit) belong to the purchaser. The responsibility of maintaining and repairing any of those things belongs to the owner.

The Superintendents do not change your light bulbs, or unblock your clogged toilet. We don’t repair appliances or install fixtures.

What are we responsible for when it comes to your suite? We provide hot and cold water to your washroom(s), laundry, kitchen and the heating/cooling system. We provide electrical hook ups to your suite but do not provide electricity. That requires service from Ontario Hydro. When there is an interruption of water, a leak or an emergency pertaining to the list of what we are responsible for, written above; we will respond accordingly.

The Superintendent(s) of a Condominium maintain all the machines, plumbing and HVAC in the building. Here at Emerald City One, we have over 20 machine rooms between the Penthouse mechanical and the parking levels below grade. We also maintain the garbage & recycling as well as the common areas. We call and escort trades, prepare for seasonal change overs and drive a tractor named “baby”. You might have noticed some of the changes in the building? The gym expansion included a new paint job and television installations, we did that. The 5th floor Terrace has new plants; the cabana was sanded and stained. The Party room was touched up and repainted. We did that. The Guest suite was reno’d as well. Yep. You guessed it, we did that too! In addition to all of that, we are on call 24/7 for emergency response.

So, if you haven’t seen us around, we are likely whispering to machines or working on a new project!

If you have any (work-related) questions or concerns, you are welcome to email us at and you can also follow us on twitter: @Ec1Super

  • Douglas Carney, EC1 Superintendent

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