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Smoking On-Site: Burned Furniture

If There is Smoke … There Will Be Fire

Recently, we removed another cigarette butt from on top of one of the chairs on the pool terrace. Someone had thrown it from their balcony and it landed on the seat cushion. The cushion is burned now, along with the second chair next to it from a few weeks before. But, this is not all of it. We have had this happen many times on the 5th floor terrace. I remember when we just received and built the new lounge chairs and put them out for residents to enjoy. The very next day one of the chairs was burned by a cigarette butt launched from on high. Replacing cushions, decorations and furniture is an expensive (and unnecessary) endeavor.

We have Resident’s from every level of the tower complain about cigarette butts landing on their balconies. We even find them in the stairwells from people smoking inside! Some residents smoke with the door to the Corridor open creating foul smells that spread down the hallway and into the ventilation. Cigarette butts are found in the parking garage, right outside of the entrances, stuffed into planters and thrown into the bushes.

So far, we have been extremely lucky. Did you know that one of our sister buildings had a huge fire on one of their balconies? Can you guess what caused that fire? Yes, that’s right- a cigarette butt was tossed off an elevated level, was helped along by high winds and it landed on someone’s furniture. It caught fire and torched everything in its path (it also caused windows and a balcony partition to shatter) and it was again lucky that the Fire Department was quick to respond and the fire did not spread to the rest of the building.

I don’t know about you, but we would like to keep this building safe. We also would like to keep the furniture and decorations in and outside of the tower in good working condition. We would like people to enjoy their time in the common areas and at home without a potential hazard or unwanted smells disrupting their lives.

So please, when you are smoking outside, observe the no smoking signs and keep at the appropriate distance. There are ashtrays attached to every exterior garbage can located around all three buildings. Please put your cigarette butts in there and not on the ground or into the bushes. I implore you, please do not smoke anywhere in the common areas of the building. There are heat sensors, smoke detectors and the potential to cause an emergency by starting a fire. Please use an ashtray or an empty can with some water inside to put cigarette butts in while smoking on the balcony.

Also, note that there are fines for littering ($75.00 and up per item and/or occurrence), and if you are found to be responsible for damaging any property, you will also be liable for those and any other related fees.

If you have any (work-related) questions or concerns, you are welcome to email us at and you can also follow us on twitter: @Ec1Super

Stay safe,

Douglas Carney, EC1 Superintendent

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