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Condominium Life: Breathing Easy

Canada’s weather system can be a little crazy in every season. Temperatures fluctuate, wind speeds are sporadic, and the barometric pressure can be at times, unbearable. Now that the heating is on and it is cold outside, you might notice that it is very dry inside your unit and perhaps that the air seems stale.

The trick is to try and balance moisture and air quality without creating too much humidity or losing too much energy by constantly opening the windows.

First, it is a good idea to invest in one or two misting, low-energy humidifiers. Keep one as central as you can and one either close to the entrance of, or inside the bedroom. This will help with the over all dryness during the winter season. You can find a range of different machines, some come with both a water filter for the water inside the tank and a mode of air purification. There are budget friendly humidifiers that use/attach to a simple water bottle.

Fresh air is a necessity but during the winter, no one likes the idea of wasting or losing heat. My suggestion is to wait until there is a warm(er) day where it is at least 3 to 5 degrees Celsius (39-41 degrees Fahrenheit) turn off the heating system and open your windows. It is a good idea to turn on your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to help vent out the stale air. Do this for 20 minutes at the most and during the peak of the warm, outside temperature. This should give you a healthy dose of fresh air that will last for awhile. It is not a good idea to do this in the evening or during the night.

It is also VERY important that you do not open the windows while the heating system active or leave the window open over night. That is how pipes freeze and fan coil actuators crack and cause floods. Please be careful opening your windows in the winter time.

The hand cranks can become stiff and difficult to manage, but if you apply too much force, there is a good chance that the hand crank will break. Please report all broken hand cranks and windows that are unable to close properly to the Management Office. They will be happy to assist you on getting those items repaired and will explain the cost associated with doing so.

When going out or going away (long or short amount of time) please make sure to keep the heating system on auto and set to at least 17 degrees Celsius (62 degrees Fahrenheit) to combat extreme cold temperature situations in your absence.

If your unit is vacant or lacks electricity while in the process of being on the market, please contact the Property Management office and make them aware. Please also inform agents and potential purchasers to close all doors and windows after viewing the suite.

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• Douglas Carney, EC1 Superintendent

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