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Congratulations, Armand Conant!

Dear Neighbours,

During the ACMO Awards Luncheon on Friday, December 8th, our very own Armand Conant received the "Special Recognition Award"!

This award is presented to individual(s) for special achievements and/or services that have positively impacted the condominium industry in Ontario.

As you may know, Armand is one of our cherished lawyers (and often works with Deborah Howden when we require their expertise), and is a Partner at Shibley Righton LLP. Armand is very involved within the condo community, and his name constantly pops up everywhere.

He is on the Board of the Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto), where he was also a President in prior years He is also the Chair of the joint ACMO and CCI (Toronto) Legislative Committee, and all of the government committees that helped shape the new Condo Act.

Find out more about Armand by clicking here.

The Board wishes to congratulate Armand not only on his amazing award, but also on his incredible achievements! Thank you, Armand, for all of your contributions to the condo community, and for being such a valuable asset to our team!


Andreea Birloncea

on behalf of the Board of TSCC 2368

Photo, from left to right: Andreea Birloncea (Board President, TSCC 2368), Armand Conant (Partner, Shibley Righton),

Deborah Howden (Partner, Shibley Righton), Caroline Coitino (Admin, TSCC 2368 through Del Property Management).

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