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The Virtues of Kindness & Cleanliness

Dear Emerald City One Residents,

Waste Disposal Issues

We continue to hear about reports of residents being assaulted by pungent odours from their neighbours leaving the waste disposal chute door open. We ask that all residents please ensure that your actions take into account the close proximity that condominium living entails. We must be considerate of each other and in order to achieve this require you to do the following:

1. All waste intended for the chute is pushed past the fire damper flap.

2. That the door to the chute is closed fully when you have finished disposing of your waste.

3. No other items, rubbish or debris should be left in the disposal room floor, corridor or any common area.

4. The recycling bins located on the P2, P3, and P4 levels are intended for cardboard boxes and large recyclable containers only. No furniture, unwanted small appliances or anything that isn’t recyclable (paper or plastic products) may be left in these areas.

We have strict but reasonable rules and policies at TSCC #2368. Anyone violating the above-noted, common-sense instructions will be charged back the cost of cleaning their mess and/or disposal of their items.

Cleanliness = Godliness

As we continue the process of repairing many suites in the building where drywall has been cut out during recent anchor investigations we have noticed that a large numbers of residents are keeping their suite in a manner that makes them an easy target for a pest infestation. Cleanliness and proper sanitation practices are necessary when you live in a condominium.

Those suites where food is left out, takeout containers are piled high, and clothing placed in piles to decorate the garbage piles are the perfect, warm, inviting conditions for the likes of cockroaches, carpet beetles, etc. We will be communicating with those residents - owners, tenants and suite owners alike - to reduce the chance of another pest infestation.

Should residents not conduct the necessary cleaning we believe to be the minimum standard to avoid pest infestations we will have no other choice but to consider having the unit professional cleaned and all costs charged back to the unit Owner.

Just this month we treated an entire floor of over twenty suites for cockroaches. We learned recently that despite 2 rounds of treatment the matter is still not 100% resolved. Let's all do our part to avoid these large-scale infestations in the future, please. If you need to hire a cleaning lady to clean your unit, please contact a cleaning company or such services may be arranged by Property Management.

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