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Pets in the Building & Their Proper Care

In our travels in various suites, we have discovered that many residents of the building are keeping animals in poor, unsanitary conditions. Dogs cannot be left alone for endless hours without walking. If you cannot walk your dog regularly or think that your balcony is a substitute for outdoor space and time to relieve themselves because it is wintertime (which is a terrible excuse) the Corporation will require you remove your nuisance pet within 14 days, as we have the authority to do under the Declaration of TSCC 2368.

Several dogs living in the building are kept in their crates for long periods of time with some sitting in their own waste. If you don’t have time to properly train a dog or lack the resources to hire a professional walker through your 10-hour work day, please consider surrendering the pet for its own good.

Constant barking from nervous dogs that lack the care, attention and training by a responsible pet owners will also be considered for removal. Not everyone should own a pet. If you are thinking you want to surrender your pet, we can wholeheartedly suggest that you contact an organization called Save Our Scruff by visiting them at or contact the property management office for further assistance.

Unregistered Pets & Amnesty Requests

The declaration of TSCC 2368 only allows dogs, cats, and fish to a maximum of 2 total pets. We have compiled a list of residents who have lizards, other small mammals, etc. in their suites.

While we cannot condone or allow all of them to remain, we are encouraging residents to select the "Request Pet Amnesty Request Form" in the pet registration form on our website ( so that the Board can consider authorizing certain pets.

Failure to register your unauthorized pet in the next 10 days will result in a formal request for your pet’s removal. Please consider submitting this pet registration or pet amnesty form today.


Property Management.

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