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Staff Profile: "Doug Of All Trades"

Written by Thomas Carbureanu

Meet Douglas Carney, the Superintendent of almost 4 years of the Emerald City One Building. Before being Superintendent, Douglas grew up in Muskoka where his first passions were nature and writing. At a young age, Douglas took the opportunity to raise 170 huskies for competitive dog sled teams. He takes to writing as much as he can and wishes to publish a series of novels (if he ever finds the time). His past jobs actually included being a part time writer and part time web designer. While being a man of hard work, if ever given the opportunity, would own and operate a dirigible.

As Superintendent, Douglas serves as a renaissance man most of the time as he manages the spa and pool, recycling system, emergency response systems, and special projects on the daily. Since a lot of his work requires a second set of hands, Douglas works closely with Jason, the assistant superintendent. The two of them can be contacted via email at

On a daily basis, Douglas’ responsibilities of caring for the building includes “testing of the [pool and spa] reagents to ensure that it is safe for residents to swim. Refuse and Recycling by maintaining the compactor and tri-sorter. Readings and walk-through of the machine rooms. Testing emergency response systems such as the Generator and Fire pumps. Special projects such as assembling furniture, repairing drywall or touch-ups in the common area” (Carney, 2018).

Although his work may go unnoticed by residents at times, Douglas may be the most crucial employee to the fluid function of the building and its many services. Trained in WHMIS and First Aid/CPR as well as other building specific certifications, Douglas loves learning how the different machines work as well as how they interact with each other. He constantly works towards, and enjoys, being able to respond intelligently in high pressure/emergency situations.

“I like that Emerald City One is the flag ship. The first built that continues to lead the way.”

Quite content with the success of the Emerald City One building, one moment Douglas enjoys recalling is when he “was attending a unit that listed having plumbing issues. [He] could hear weird sounds coming from behind the closed door of a bedroom. [He] was concerned, so [he] investigated. There were live chickens (hens) roaming the bedroom, clucking away” (Carney, 2018). While amused, he notes that “it is vital [ for residents] to take charge and learn all about the inside of their unit and the rules/regulations of the building and common areas. That understanding will lead to quicker answers and enhance the over-all enjoyment/experience living in the high-rise” (Carney, 2018).

Now that you know about the Superintendent and his many responsibilities, you can properly appreciate the amount of work it requires to run the building. To do your part as a resident, a copy of the building rules and policies can be found at A copy of the interview transcript can be found here. Below are photos of the pool and spa area.

About the author:

Thomas Carbureanu is currently a high school student at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park West, aiming to enter the field of Bioengineering. Competing in high level hockey, Thomas knows the amount of effort and determination it takes to succeed in any industry. Whether it's an article, Calculus test, or hockey game, he approaches every challenge with the goal of exceeding his previous limits. Coming from a family of immigrants, he's the youngest of two kids. As a first generation Canadian, Thomas had the opportunity to grow up in the diverse and very accepting community of North York. Familiar with the area, Thomas' favourite food place is John Anderson's Burgers near Van Horne and Pharmacy.

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