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Staff Profile: Locking in on (Jason) Lockton

Written by Thomas Carbureanu.

This month, we're focusing on Jason Lockton, the junior Superintendent at Emerald City One.

Initially attending university to study Environmental Chemistry, Jason’s career took a turn when he discovered his strong ability of self control. He began to pursue a career in law enforcement and still has a goal to become “a police officer aiming towards the RCMP.” His passion for conflict resolution led him to get his Security License and eventually a job at Emerald City One as Security Patrol.

Having a great deal of experience from previous security jobs at many other locations (such as the Rogers Center, malls, housing, and even airports) made Jason very good at his job. After only a year and 5 months of working at the Emerald City One building, he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent to work under the wing of Douglas Carney [insert hyperlink to Douglas’ profile]. No prerequisites were required except for a strong knowledge of the building. Being a Security Guard for the building already gave him a head-start with learning the ins and outs of the building, which made Douglas’ job of teaching and guiding Jason a lot easier.

Being passionate about working with his hands as well as being cool when responding to emergencies, Jason was very happy with his position as Assistant Superintendent- and is especially proud of his new promotion to full Superintendent.

Jason works alongside Douglas to maintain the buildings services such as the pool, mechanical areas (boiler and motors), sorting the garbage/recycling and storage/inventory. Jason also has the responsibility of responding to in-suite emergencies as well as special projects assigned to him by the Board of Directors. Read Doug’s article on “What do our Supers do?” here.

On the side, Jason frequently volunteers his time to help Emerald City One’s recreational and festive events such as “Deck the Halls”.

Although very quiet on the outside, Jason personifies the expression “still waters run deep” as he is always trying to look at things from other people’s perspectives, especially when explaining a complex situation to someone. He prides himself on being able to keep a level head in moments of panic and disorder.

For example, prior to working at Emerald City One, he worked nearby at a mall where one day, off duty, he was shopping when he got a call from a colleague working in the loss prevention department warning him of a nearby ex-colleague who was in the same store as Jason, and armed. Jason contacted the Property Manager and On-Site Guards to inform them of the situation and the preparations needed for an emergency response. After hearing gunshots, he guided concerned customers to safety and spoke to the arriving police officers and showed them the vehicle of the ex-colleague where valuable information was found on the motive behind his actions. After safety was assured Jason then coached the on-site staff on what to expect next and how to report the incident.

Being Superintendent alongside Douglas allows Jason to both happily work his strengths as both emergency response and general maintenance as well as work on his social skills. Because Jason is not a very adamant “people person”, he has always been interested in nature as outside and alone is where he feels most comfortable and at ease. In the future, Jason plans to live in a suburban or rural area where he can enjoy nature’s peace and raise a family of his own.

About the author:

Thomas Carbureanu is currently a high school student at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park West, aiming to enter the field of Bioengineering. Competing in high level hockey, Thomas knows the amount of effort and determination it takes to succeed in any industry. Whether it's an article, Calculus test, or hockey game, he approaches every challenge with the goal of exceeding his previous limits. Coming from a family of immigrants, he's the youngest of two kids. As a first generation Canadian, Thomas had the opportunity to grow up in the diverse and very accepting community of North York. Familiar with the area, Thomas' favourite food place is John Anderson's Burgers near Van Horne and Pharmacy.

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