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Staff Profile: Security

"Safety is No Accident"

Written by Thomas Carbureanu.

The Security team is an important component influencing Emerald City One’s fluid functionality and more importantly, safety. The Security team’s role extends to all corners of the building, from training new staff, to enforcing policies and procedures, to booking amenities.

The team is led by Jennifer, the Security Site Supervisor. When the building was experiencing flood issues, she was hired to monitor halls for leaks. It was during this unfortunate event that Emerald City One’s environment captivated her, inspiring Jennifer to stay and wait for a full time position. Many staff advocate EC1’s positive vibe and describe it as a place where they feel comfortable and that allows them to perform their duties and grow as individuals. For the most part, Security staff have their fellow coworkers and Board of Directors to thank for a pleasant environment to work in.

A staff member with a notable personality is Edward. He is a security guard who loves to converse with residents and make sure all their needs are met. Although social, he puts the safety of his residents and the building over any and all else. “I cherish the fact that the residents ask to know your name”, Edward claims when asked about what one of his favourite aspects of working at EC1 is.

While working as a desk guard, some of his past duties as security/concierge were to monitor CCTV, report on daily activities and act as the “first point of contact for residents, visitors, management, trades, and emergency personnels.” Recently transitioning to patrol, he is responsible for walking around the property to ensure the site is safe, and for physically monitoring entrance and exit points. He promptly reports any issues to Property Management via a daily report and/or incident report(s).

Communication and friendliness have allowed the staff to built a family-like relationship. Staff have expressed the fact that their favourite part about working at EC1 is the support from their coworkers. “[M]ost of us have been working together for so long we know what it takes to pick one another back up”, says Jen when discussing how well the staff communicates, coordinates, and functions. Their cohesiveness has also given them the ability to easily train and bring in new members, especially in the field of Security. There is a high turnover rate for Guards as they move on to new ventures, whether that be within the building (for example, both Douglas and Jason moving up from building Security to the roles of Corporation Superintendents) or on to a new location or adventure; however, EC1 always ensures that those on site receive the best possible training.

Although staff look forward to coming to work everyday at EC1, harassment from residents sometimes tarnishes the working atmosphere. The President of the Board of Directors, Andreea Birloncea, recently hosted a “Safety and Security Seminar” which addressed instances of residents’ inappropriate behaviour towards the staff.

Despite the fact that Security is the front line of many unpleasant situations, they are there to help you. Next time you are passing through the lobby, don’t be shy - stop and ask questions, or even to chat and familiarize yourself with the people that are there 24/7 to ensure your safety and address your needs.

About the author:

Thomas Carbureanu is currently a high school student at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park West, aiming to enter the field of Bioengineering. Competing in high level hockey, Thomas knows the amount of effort and determination it takes to succeed in any industry. Whether it's an article, Calculus test, or hockey game, he approaches every challenge with the goal of exceeding his previous limits. Coming from a family of immigrants, he's the youngest of two kids. As a first generation Canadian, Thomas had the opportunity to grow up in the diverse and very accepting community of North York. Familiar with the area, Thomas' favourite food place is John Anderson's Burgers near Van Horne and Pharmacy.

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