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Unit Insurance - By the Owner

Dear Residents,

As extreme weather events grow in both frequency and severity across Canada, so does the risk of floods and leaks within units. Of course, leaks and floods (among others) are unpleasant situations that everyone wants to avoid, but all of us need to be prepared for just in case they happen.

Recently, the Corporation experienced a few instances where in-suite water damage occurred due to sink back-ups, and some owners had an especially difficult time with the consequences due to either not having any insurance, or not having the correct insurance. As such, it is a good time to discuss what insurance residents need to have, and what additional items/policies should be considered.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all the owners of the importance of the unit insurance. According to the Corporation’s Declaration the following insurance must be obtained and maintained by each Owner at their own expense:

- Insurance on any improvements or betterments in the unit

- Insurance on Public Liability

- Insurance covering the deductible on the Corporation’s master insurance policy for which an Owner may be responsible

Owners are recommended to obtain, although it is not mandatory, insurance covering for:

- Additional living expenses incurred by an Owner if forced to leave his or her unit

- Special assessments levied by the Corporation and contingent insurance coverage in the event the Corporation’s insurance is adequate.

Please see the Corporation’s Declaration, page 30 & 31, paragraph 10.3, on the building website, for more details.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the mandatory unit insurance.


Vida Ardalan

Property Manager of TSCC 2368

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