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Smoking on Balconies: Careful of Fires!

Dear Residents,

Now that the summer is fast approaching and residents will be enjoying and spending more time on their balconies and our terrace, we remind residents that smoking is not permitted on any of the common elements and that smoking on balconies not permitted as balconies are designated as an "Exclusive Use Common Area".

According to our Declaration:


1.1 Definitions

The terms used in this Declaration shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Act unless this Declaration specifies otherwise or unless context otherwise requires, and in particular: (...)

(g) "Common Elements" shall mean all Property except units; (...)

Furthermore, according to our Rules:



(i) Smoking is prohibited in all common elements except areas as may be designated as a smoking area by the Board. *

(*As of the publishing of this blog post (March 22, 2018), the balconies have not been designated as a smoking area by the Board.)

Management has received numerous reports of cigarettes being thrown off the balconies. This is very dangerous, as the cigarette can cause a fire on balconies below and other areas of the property.

If you choose to disregard the rules and smoke on your balcony, you MUST use an ashtray. You should also fill the ashtray with water so as to surely extinguish and contain the cigarette butts as we live in a highly windy area. It is also mandatory that the contents of your ashtrays are disposed of properly and not thrown over the balcony when full. In fact, nothing is ever to be thrown over balcony - no matter how small!

Most recently, our neighbouring building (62 Forest Manor Road on April 29, 2018) faced an unfortunate situation due to someone's carelessness with a cigarette. A resident threw their cigarette off a balcony and it landed on a balcony below. The balcony below had seasonal furniture which was set on fire by the lit cigarette. This did not only cause the fire damage ,but also water damage to the suite and common elements of the Corporation because the sprinkler systems were engaged and fire fighters responded to the scene.

This is not the first time that one of our neighbouring buildings experienced a fire due to a cigarette that was thrown off a balcony. Approximately a year and a half ago, 66 Forest Manor Road incurred major damage due to a fire on a balcony started by a cigarette that was thrown from above. If you'd like to view the notice that they sent to their owners following this event, please click here (also available translated in Chinese).

In cases such as these, where it is often difficult to find out which suite the cigarette originated from, the Corporation would incur thousands of dollars in repairs- which means that all owners would pay through their maintenance fees due to one resident being irresponsible and throwing a cigarette off their balcony.

So far, we are the only building of the triplex to not face such disastrous situations, and we're sure that you understand why we wish to keep it that way.

Of course we need your help to keep our building safe, as such, we are not only asking you to be responsible residents when using your balcony, but to please report anyone you see who is not following the rules and endangering the safety of others. You may report incidents to Security (24/7) and/or Property Management (via phone Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.); or via email 24/7) as soon as possible. Find their contact information here.

We ask all residents to be mindful of their actions while spending time on their balconies this summer.


Caroline Coitino

Assistant Property Manager of TSCC 2368

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