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Staff Profile: Ozzy, "Man of the Hour"

This month we are focusing on Ozzy, a part-time General Labourer here at Emerald City One.

From bagging groceries, to lead hand at a fast food chain, to spending 11 years at a sheet metal company - Ozzy has journeyed a long way before finally landing at Emerald City One. His role in the building ranges from supervising parties, to escorting contractors, and supervising move-ins and move-outs. His past experience allows him to help around the building with odd-jobs, such as landscaping the terrace. Ozzy’s fellow coworkers adore him for the fact that he is willing to help at a moment's notice, and Board President Andreea Birloncea states “[w]henever I ask him for help, his first response is always ‘what do you need?’

When asked what his favourite part about working at EC1, Ozzy responded with “[u]sually every morning I see one of my favourite residents and it’s a joy to see them.” Although Ozzy is a very welcoming and friendly person, so much so that he calls himself a big teddy bear, some people may feel intimidated by him. Residents, don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation with “teddy Ozzy” the next time he passes by!

Ozzy loves to joke around and fool around like kids do, even at lunch he likes to make “Hamburger Helper” once a month with his “Emerald Family” that includes Andreea, Caroline, Jason, Doug, and Jen. He’s also a huge nerd and if you would like to explore his interests or opinions, follow the Ozzy (who is now an “Emerald City Book Worm”) on the virtual monthly Book Club on the Emerald City blog!

About the author:

Thomas Carbureanu is currently a high school student at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park West, aiming to enter the field of Bioengineering. Competing in high level hockey, Thomas knows the amount of effort and determination it takes to succeed in any industry. Whether it's an article, Calculus test, or hockey game, he approaches every challenge with the goal of exceeding his previous limits. Coming from a family of immigrants, he's the youngest of two kids. As a first generation Canadian, Thomas had the opportunity to grow up in the diverse and very accepting community of North York. Familiar with the area, Thomas' favourite food place is John Anderson's Burgers near Van Horne and Pharmacy.

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