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Marijuana/Cannabis Consumption in the Condo: Proposed New Rule

Dear Residents,

Due to legalization of cannabis or marijuana that is expected to take effect in Summer 2018, the Board of Directors listened to current resident feedback as well as the advice and urging of the Corporation’s legal counsel, and is proposing a new rule regarding smoking cannabis/marijuana in the building and the ownership of such plants.

As a side-note, please be aware that there will be additional Rules & Regulations updates and amendments in the near future; however, due to this issue being time-sensitive and urgent, the Board is processing the rule urgently.

Please be advised that to discuss or challenge the proposed rule, a requisition signed by owners representing at least 15% of voting units must be delivered to the Corporation within the 30 day notice period (deadline is July 8th, 2018).


(a) Smoking is prohibited in all common element areas except as may be designated as a smoking area by the Board.

(b) Smoking marijuana on the property is prohibited, except as may be designated as a marijuana smoking area by the Board.

(c) Consuming marijuana in methods that do not infringe on the enjoyment of the Units or Common Elements by other Owners (or their respective families, guests, visitors, servants and persons having business with them) is permitted whereas deemed reasonable by the Board.

(d) Growing marijuana (plants) is prohibited on the property except in areas that may be designated by the Board.

The new rule is to promote the safety, security or welfare of the owners/occupants, the property and the assets, in order to prevent unreasonable interference with use and enjoyment of the units, common elements and assets. While the Board respects the decisions of those who wish to consume the substance once it is legalized, we must also be mindful of the residents who do not want the odour and any second-hand effects to affect them and/or their family. As we live in a high-density building, mutual respect is of the utmost importance and priority.

As you may know, cannabis/marijuana is currently illegal, yet still consumed. Despite this substance not yet being legalized, we do have some residents who currently use it and the resulting odour has been frequently reported as a nuisance by many neighbouring residents who consider it offensive and are worried about their own potential health risks and exposure.

Please click here to view the full notice regarding the proposed new rule change.

If you have any questions please contact Management at 416-773-1081 or email us via


Vida Ardalan, RCM

Property Manager


As agents on behalf of TSCC 2368

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