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Book Club Review: "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White (Summer 2018 Choice)

Dear Neighbours,

our guest Book Worm for Summer 2018 virtual Book Club's Choice of "Charlotte's Web" is Romeo; the son of Ozzy Bonilla (TSCC 2368, General Labour) and Caroline Coitino (TSCC 2368 & City Sites Property Management, Assistant Manager). Thank you, Romeo, for putting together such an awesome Book Report for the novel - you did a great job!

Don't forget that the novel will be available for Residents to borrow (for two weeks at a time, in limited quantities on a first-come-first served basis) from the Security Desk.

Keep an eye out for the next children's Book Club novel, which will be published in the fall and reviewed by Thalia, Romeo's sister! We also welcome reviews submitted by Residents -

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The following is Romeo's Book Report on E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web":

"Charlotte's Web": Book Report by Romeo

1. Describe the setting of the story

The setting of the story takes place at a barn.

2. Summary of the plot

The summary of the plot is about a pig named Wilbur. Wilbur was being taken care of by a girl named Fern. When Wilbur was born Fern asked her mother if she could take care of him. When Wilbur was to big Fern’s Mother said that Wilbur couldn’t stay in the house anymore. So then Fern and her Mother Dropped off Wilbur at a Farm with a Family named the Zuckerman’s. As wilbur was staying at the barn he met Charlotte. They were becoming the most best friends ever until a sheep told Wilbur that the Zuckerman’s were going to kill him because they were giving Wilbur more food than usual. So then Charlotte told Wilbur that she was going to help him. So what Charlotte did was write something into her web so that the Zuckerman’s could be fooled, and the plan worked Charlotte was able to fool the Zuckerman’s and from there on the Zuckerman’s never killed Wilbur.

3. Who is the protagonist (Main character) Describe that character

The main character is Wilbur. Wilbur is a pig who lives at a barn with a bunch of other animals like Sheeps,more pigs, and goose.

4. Who is the antagonist (Opposes main character)

The antagonist of the story is Templeton. Templeton is a rat who also lives at the barn but he lives in a little hole that is in Wilbur’s pen.

5. What are the major and minor conflicts within the story

The major and minor conflicts within the story is when Wilbur found out that the Zuckerman’s were going to kill him. He found out because of one of the sheep were watching him eat and they told him that the Zuckerman’s were trying to fatten up Wilbur so that they can kill him. The minor conflict was when Templeton got fat. This was an issue because now that Templeton is fat he can’t move around as much and he can’t help Wilbur with his issues. Also Templeton was the only one who can climb so he was really helpful when it came to certain situations.

6. What is the turning point or climax of the story

The turning point of the story is when Charlotte told Wilbur that she only had 1 or 2 days to live. Also Charlotte had 514 babies to deliver but they were going to be born in spring,but then the next day Charlotte died but Wilbur took the pride to take care of them until spring time.

7. Write a memorable (quote/citation/line) from the story and explain it

A memorable line from the story was when Charlotte told Wilbur that she was going to die. It was the saddest line in the book, I was also sad because Charlotte was a really nice person in book. She was also really helpful to Wilbur in this book.

8. What is a motif that runs throughout the story

The theme of the story is when Charlotte continues to help Wilbur with is problems.

9. What is the message of the story

The message of the story is to always help one another.

10. How does the story end/Would you recommend this book to another reader/Why or why not

The story ends by Charlotte’s kids being born and then they all leave the barn except for two or three. The reason why some of the kids left is because they are aeronauts. An aeronaut is a person that travels with a balloon, airship, or any other flying devices. I would recommend this book to another reader. I would recommend this book because it shows the reader that you should always help one another and to always be kind.

11. List five words from the reading and define them

  1. Trough- A trough is a long narrow open container for animals to eat and drink out of

  2. Whippoorwill- A whippoorwill is north and central nightjar with a distinctive call

  3. Troup- A troupe is a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues

  4. Vaguely- vaguely is a way that is uncertain, indefinite, or unclear roughly

  5. Thoroughly- thoroughly is in a thorough manner

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