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Responsibilities of Security (Concierge)

Dear Neighbours,

Have you ever wondered what the role of Security/Concierge is within our Condo? If so, then please take a moment to read the following piece written by Jennifer, our Security Supervisor. Should you have any additional questions about Security's duties, please email Security at and Jennifer will be happy to clarify!

Before we get to Jennifer's post, please note the following important bits of information:

1) Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are the only staff that are always here - and as such, they are your first contact in case of an emergency!

2) Security is often the first to deal with frustrated Residents, especially when they must enforce rules. We understand that sometimes this can be upsetting; however, we'd like to remind all Residents (and their Guests) that Emerald City One has a firm "0 Tolerance Policy" for Workplace Harassment. Yelling, threatening, or aggressive behaviour is never acceptable.

Now, on to Jennifer's "Responsibilities of Security (Concierge)" blog post...

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of TSCC 2368.

Dear Residents,

First and foremost, our priority is always safety. We, as security personnel, are entrusted to maintain a safe and secure workplace for the Emerald City Staff and safe and secure home for all Emerald City Residents. Beyond the security aspect, we are also your dedicated Concierge staff, and as such are here 24/7 to assist when necessary. We are the front line of Emerald City and are more often than not, the first to respond to an emergency or the first to interact with a Resident or Guest, regardless of the mood they may be in.

Diving further into our Security roles, every policy or procedure that is in place serves an important purpose. Some of our policies and the reasons behind them are below:

1) Not Accepting Keys:

It comes down to Liability. By asking us to be responsible for your house keys, you are asking us to be responsible for what is most likely your most expensive asset. Although we appreciate that you would trust us with something on such a grand scale, te policy in place stops us from assuming such a risk for our protection, the protection of our employer (Paragon Security Services) and the protection of the Corporation.

2) Courier Mail Only:

This is also a Liability issue, although we can never assume the contents of a parcel, it is much less likely that contraband would be mailed through a courier service. We know some may consider this an extreme way of thinking, but ultimately this policy protects everyone.

Below are situations that have actually occurred (names have been changed):

A. Sarah is a resident here, and Kim comes by claiming to be her friend and that Sarah forgot her backpack Kim's house and needs to leave it for Sarah at the desk. However what we don't know is that backpack actually contains an illegal substance and now that security accepted this bag, the staff member just unknowingly became involved in a drug trade.

B. It was Sarah's birthday yesterday and her Aunt Meredith wants to leave a nice gift bag for her. Again security cannot assume the contents of the bag. When sarah retrieves the gift bag she accuses security staff of taking the 500$ that should have been part of the enclosed gift. Sarah and Meredith know there never really was 500$ in this gift bag but now not just the security member that accepted the parcel, but the entire security team is under scrutiny for theft.

C. John comes by with a package for Sarah, its is unmarked except for her name and address. Security accepts this envelope not realizing they've just accepted a court summons on behalf of Sarah. Security is now responsible to sign that parcel out to Sarah and thus effectively, serving her.

3) Requiring Guests to Buzz the Resident:

There are hundreds of suites at 70 Forest Manor (479 to be exact!), and although we strive to remember every one of the Residents, we often cannot remember all of the friends and family that may visit our Residents. We also don't know if there's ever an altercation between friends or family and we don't know who a Resident may have a restraining order or peace bond with; for these reasons we always expect a resident to allow their guests entry to the premises. Additionally, by granting access to guests directly, the Resident assumes direct responsibility for the guests when during the common elements - not Security.

Therefore, for the protection of Staff and Residents, we have enforced certain policies and procedures to reduce liability to the absolute minimum.

There is a lighter side to our job though; we get to talk and interact with Residents, Staff and Contractors during our day. We hand out Contractor keys so work can be completed in the building, we receive, log and hand out Residents’ parcels, we make sure a Residents’ Condo Control profile is always up to date, we set up Residents’ buzzcode information, we receive and input all amenity booking requests, every now and then we help Property Management complete a task, and we are always on hand to deal with unexpected occurrences or emergencies.

We’re here to help with a lot of things but unfortunately we cannot help with everything. The common denominators for things we cannot do includes (but is not limited to) assisting with or allowing any activity that violates the Condominium Declaration or By-Laws, Board of Director approved rules and/or policies, or any activity that violates any police enforced laws.

The last (but not least) area of the Security teams’ job is actually being a team. The workplace atmosphere can be what makes or breaks the workplace. Although not everyday is easy and we do encounter troublesome situations, Property Management, the Board of Directors and Security make it a priority to ensure the team is safe and comfortable to be on site.

We value the employees at Emerald City and we hope the Residents and Guests can respect that although the policies and procedures can sometimes be a bit of a bother, they were put in place to protect the Residents, the Staff, and Corporation.

Kind regards,

Jennifer - Security Supervisor.

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