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Building Automation System (BAS) Installed: How you'll be saving!

Dear Neighbours,

just yesterday (July 20th, 2018), our amazing brand-new "Building Automation System" (BAS) was installed by our long-time contractors "Complete Energy Solutions" (CES).

Who is CES?

"Complete Energy Solutions is an industry leader in the multi residential market throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a diverse portfolio of services that are carefully tailored to meet the needs of our clients. From Comprehensive HVAC Services & Retrofits, to Energy Management solutions, to Preventative Maintenance Contracts and Energy Audits, we provide innovative and cost effective solutions that help optimize a building’s energy consumption, thereby reducing overall energy costs. Like many of our clients, leverage our in house subject matter experts including: Mechanical Engineers, building automation experts, highly trained service technicians, energy auditors and our very own in house construction team for any HVAC retrofit project. We will guarantee every project is on time and on budget….this is the COMPLETE difference!

Energy Management and proper long term cost containment has become a priority in the multi-residential sector. Complete Energy Solutions works effectively with property management companies, board of directors and building owners to guarantee our clients the most pragmatic and cost efficient solutions. As we stay on top of evolving technologies, we are constantly learning and pushing the envelope so that we can continue to provide up-to-date expert recommendations to our clients. We never rest on our laurels and providing industry leading solutions further helps to differentiate us and most importantly, provide our clients with the right solutions."

The process of acquiring a BAS system began a long time ago, when the President and CEO of Complete Energy Solutions, Emmanuel, called me to tell me that there's a huge rebate incentive offered to a limited amount of buildings, and he wanted to make sure that we know and can secure a spot on the list. I quickly informed our Board Directors, who both agreed that it was an opportunity we couldn't miss - and so, with Emmanuel's help, we made it on the list and were able to take advantage of the rebate!

Our Board had been considering a BAS system for a couple years now, but the initial cost was always high and would have required a significant bump in maintenance fees (6.14% of an increase - owch!). Of course, this system is very useful and does save a lot of money over time, but that initial increase was a bit steep for the budget at the time.

We did keep it in mind for the future, and are extremely thankful that Emmanuel called when this opportunity for extra rebates sprung up. For a limited time, the Government doubled the rebates and was offering an "anticipated one-time incentive" of $62,788, which is quite a significant chunk of change! CES offered us the system at a preferred price of $135,800+HST (total of $151,194), and after the rebate, that means we'd only be left with a difference of $88,406 after getting 41.5% off of the cost, thanks to the rebate.

Further to the astounding rebate, we were also informed that we'd have an estimated energy savings of $46,300 per year on hydro and gas, and an additional anticipated $5,000 estimated cost saving annually on what is known as an "opportunity cost"; basically, the cost of replacing or repairing equipment that is not as strained anymore (less wear and tear!) as it was with the previous manual system. Our building will also receive free monitoring for the first two years, which amounts to an additional approximate $8,000 in savings.

All of this "math-ing" to say that the simple payback for this project is only 1.5 years, which is very affordable to the current budget of the building, and absolutely an asset for the future of the building.

As everyone knows, the cost of living (especially hydro and gas rates!) have only kept creeping up - and while we can't control those increases, we can certainly do our best to make our building as efficient as possible both in terms of energy consumption and maintenance fees.

Once our Superintendents have some time, it is my goal for them to put together a video for Residents about the "Behind the Scenes" of the building, which will include the mechanical areas and the BAS system, so keep following the blog for new posts and more information!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of TSCC 2368.

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