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Lights On: Locker Rooms and Other Common Areas

Dear Neighbours,

it has been brought to our attention several times, and including recently via our new "Maintenance" tool, that many Residents believe that there is an issue with the lights in the Locker Rooms. It has been reported to us that there are several "lights burned out" and that the rooms are "too dark" due to this issue.

We'd like to clarify that the lights are NOT "burned out", rather, they are partially turned off via the light switch by the door.

We understand why this is confusing to many; why are a few lights on but not all?

Well, we are required to have some "emergency" or "safety" lights at all times in common areas such as the Locker Rooms (and also the Party Room, Management Office, etc). However, to preserve energy and its associated high costs, the rooms have a light switch so that some of the lights (except the ones deemed necessary for safety by the code and original building design) can be turned off.

We have a lot of energy-conscious Residents who turn the lights on when they arrive, and off when they leave - and we thank you for helping us conserve energy!

For those who did not know about the light switch, just take a peek by the inside of the doorway the next time you visit the Locker Room, and flip it on to get the benefit of full lighting (but please don't forget to turn it off when you leave)!

We're also in the process of looking at installing sensors in the Locker Rooms to make this process easier, more efficient, and less confusing for everyone. As always, we'll be sure to keep everyone updated if/when this feature is installed.

It is also worth noting that these Locker Rooms are inspected regularly by various Staff Members: daily by Patrol, at least weekly by our Superintendents Doug and Jason for maintenance AND by our cleaners for cleaning, and Monthly by our Property Manager. Should any lights be out, we'd be sure to not let it become a lengthy issue with no resolution as we don't want any of our Residents feeling inconvenienced or unsafe! That being said, we also do appreciate those who have reported what they believed to be an issue to us - we're firm believers that it "takes a village" to keep our building in great condition!

For more information on the Maintenance tool, check out the "New Feature: Maintenance Submissions" blog post by clicking here.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of Directors

TSCC 2368

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