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Pet Amnesty: The Responsible Resident

Dear Neighbours,

this isn't a post I wanted to write; I kept hoping that the problem would just, somehow, stop on its own. I kept thinking it should never really have been a problem to start with, yet, here we are.

It saddens me and my staff greatly that we MUST ASK RESIDENTS TO PLEASE STOP DUMPING PETS AND/OR ANIMALS.

Every so often, and all too often, Staff and Residents find pets thrown out in the building: hamsters down the garbage chute, kittens in bushes, cats and dogs left to wander the building in desperation, and so on.

Just today (Thursday, September 13, 2018), our Landscapers brought in two tiny kittens (aged at around one week; one had his eyes in the process of opening and the other had its eyes still firmly shut) that they found by our shrubbery. Lucky for these kitties, the Landscapers noticed them before riding their movers in that area.

We understand that pet ownership isn't for everyone, and we respect that. However, we are a very pet-friendly building and that means we also must advocate for people being responsible with pets and animals. This is why The Board of Directors have long ago appointed the Property Management Office and the Concierge Desk as "Pet Amnesty" locations; if you no longer want to keep your pet, safely drop it off to a Staff Member at the Office or the Desk and we'll take it from there. No questions asked. No judgement. I promise.

Every time an animal is found, I take him/her/them in. I wish I could tell you how many rodents, birds, cats, and dogs have been sheltered at my home, but the sad truth is that I've long lost count. Currently, I'm taking care of these two kittens (who we've named "Chicken" and "Nugget") until they are ready to be independent and re-homed. Let me tell you, caring for kittens isn't easy - they have to be bottle-fed, burped, and even assisted to "use the bathroom" every 2-3 hours!

When we find pets, our first step (when reasonable), is to assume that the pet is lost. We start searching for its owner by blast-emailing Residents, and by checking to see if it matches any registered pets (this is why registering your pets with the Management Office is so important - and mandatory! If you haven't done so yet, please do so by clicking here). Sometimes we're lucky and its Owner comes for it, but not always...

If the pet has been abandoned, we start looking for options. So far, we've successfully re-homed all but one cat. The cat we couldn't re-home was sick, and I took her to my vet. We thought that we were lucky that she was chipped, but it turns out that when the vet called the Owner, the Owner told the vet to "keep it" and hung up. As laws go, the vet was then obligated to put the cat through animal shelters in hope of finding her a home- and we truly hope she had a happy ending.

Should you like to help us in our mission to protect pets, please donate anything you can (pet food, litter, toys, carriers, blankets, pee pads, etc.) to the Property Management Office or the Concierge Desk. We're always stocking supplies as we simply never know when a furry soul will turn up in need of our help!

Finally, if you ever find an animal that seems to be lost, please notify Staff immediately.

If the animal is not on the property but you'd like to help, remember these two things: (1) the safest thing you can give an animal is warm water with sugar if necessary (not milk or anything else!), and it's important to keep them warm. For anything beyond that, we strongly suggest that you contact experts: vets, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. Most importantly, make sure that you stay safe and handle (if necessary) the animal safely!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of Directors

TSCC 2368

Photo: Andreea Birloncea (Board President) with "Chicken" and "Nugget".

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