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Spotlight on: Nicholas Chirametli, V.P. of "City Sites Property Management"

Dear Neighbours,

with the important recent change in Property Management companies, we feel that it is important to familiarize yourselves with the new addition to our Emerald City One Team: City Sites Property Management.

Switching management companies is always a large task, but our Board is confident that we have chosen a company who will prioritize the needs of our residents, building, and community.

One of the pertinent people from City Sites that we'd like to introduce you to is Nicholas Chirametli, the Vice-President of City Sites. From the beginning, we've found Nicholas' passion for the condo industry intriguing, and we've been thoroughly impressed by how dedicated he has been to our site- long before we even signed a contract with City Sites. Thank you, Nicholas!

In order for our Residents to know Nicholas, we've interviewed him for our Blog (below).

We hope you enjoy reading about Nicholas, and how City Sites and Emerald City One will be partnering up so that we can work together towards providing a true home and community for our Emerald City One residents!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of Directors

TSCC 2368.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Nicholas Chirametli, V.P.

1) In one paragraph, what would you consider the most important information to tell us about City Sites Property Management?

There is a common problem in the condominium management industry. Condominium management providers struggle to provide capable managers and adequate support networks to their staff and customers. The resources of large companies are stretched too far, across hundreds of properties. It’s no surprise that the individual demands from such a large network become a burden for a large management service provider.

City Sites combats this issue by focusing on the customer experience. We have capped the company’s growth across the city to operate a portfolio that ensures a manageable number of properties and the appropriate number of managers. This keeps our resource team accessible to the manager, the board and the condo’s residents in any time of need. It has and will remain our mission to provide exceptional, hands-on service to all our clients.

2) Why do you think that Emerald City One will be a great addition to the City Sites portfolio?

Emerald City One is a large, multi-cultured community steps away from the major highways and shopping malls. There is no doubt that Emerald City One is a flagship community and provides great value to City Sites Property Management. However, we recognize that management of a condominium is not simply the collection of maintenance fees and the physical maintenance of bricks and mortar. Responsible management includes being conscious about the needs of the community, an investment for some and a home to many more. In exchange for adding Emerald City One to our portfolio, it is City Sites’ mission to provide the highest level of management services to the condominium.

3) What will your priorities be when City Sites will take over managing Emerald City One?

The top priority when we begin management of any new property is to meet the residents and introduce ourselves to the community! We look forward to a harmonious relationship with the Emerald City community and as of September 1st we welcome any resident to meet with the property manager during office hours. Once City Sites becomes familiar with the individual and collective concerns of the residents, we will be better able to serve the community at large.

4) To what extent do you plan on being personally involved in ensuring that our building and community runs well?

Starting on September 1st, 2018 I will personally supervise the management staff assigned to Emerald City One. Among the management team that will be responsible for the condominium is an experienced manager with over 10 years experience managing condominiums and an accountant specializing in condominium accounting for over 15 years. Residents may rest assured that their community is in capable hands!

5) Are there any particular aspects of Emerald City One that make you look forward to working together?

Every condominium across the Greater Toronto Area is unique. Emerald City One is no exception. What we have observed is a Board of Directors that cares about the community and is looking for innovative and creative ways to solve problems. It is refreshing to work with a Board of Directors that takes a high degree of interest in the community and appreciates the emphasis City Sites places on technology, communication and customer service.

6) Is there anything that you’d like our Residents to know?

City Sites has a free audio podcast series titled #WeSpeakCondo. The series is designed to educate the everyday condo citizen on what it’s like to live in a condominium. The series is hosted by City Sites’ Director of Operations and Vice President and brings on special guests each month to discuss relevant issues in condominium living. Most recently, we discussed Cannabis in Condominiums, the Insurance Claims process for damage to a condo unit and Electric Vehicles in condos. You can listen free or subscribe on the link below;



7) Is there anything that you’d like our Staff/Board to know?

In November, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (“ACMO”) and the Canadian Condominium Institute (“CCI”) will be hosting its joint-annual condominium conference at the Toronto Congress Centre. City Sites will be speaking on several polarizing subjects at the conference including the reforms to the Condominium Act, 1998. We invite the Board and Staff to attend the conference. It is an educational opportunity to learn more about condo living in the GTA and the conference is open to Directors and Condo Owners alike.

8) Tell us some quirky, fun, and different things about yourself!

Before beginning a career in condominium management, I spent my undergraduate studies in London, at the University of Western Ontario. This is where I participated in freestyle varsity wrestling and began to practice Dutch style kickboxing and Brazilian jiujitsu. Years later, I continue to possess a great enthusiasm for mixed martial arts, competing in the sport on an amateur level.

The Board of Emerald City One thanks Nicholas for accepting to be interviewed, and for all the time and effort he has put into our building!

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