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Fall Book Club Teaser (+PRIZE!)

Dear Book Worms,

The Emerald City Social Committee has chosen a new novel for the virtual Seasonal Book Club, and we hope that you'll join in guessing what it is! As previously stated, the Book Club will feature a new book every season, and we will always feature both an adult and a child-friendly option.

Here's a recap of the plan:

1) Our Social Committee Book Worms will choose a book every season, and blog about it here.

2) Once the review is live on the blog, the books will be available (in limited quantities) at the Security Desk to be borrowed for two weeks at a time.

3) We encourage those borrowing the books to chime in on the blog post with their opinion(s) of the book. Give us your feedback, and you may even win a prize for participation!

The Book Worms who will be reviewing regularly are:

Andreea Birloncea, who is the Social Committee Director and President of the Board of Directors. For over a decade now, she has helped mentor and tutor students in communication skills from grades 3 all the way through university, so she has been reading a lot in order to help out with assignments! She is partnering up with her favourite debate buddy...

Ozzy Bonilla, who is an employee of TSCC 2368 with many hidden talents and an incredible passion for reading. For Christmas, his top request was an e-reader, and we assume he was real good as Santa gave him one that he has put to good use- and will continue to do so now that he has kindly volunteered to help the ECSC with the monthly Book Club!

We will, of course, also have some guest posts to keep things interesting and fun - so please let us know if you want to be featured!

We've already chosen the two books for the Fall Season, and while we won't spoil what they are quite yet, we would like to heighten the anticipation with a few hints and a contest!

Adult's book hints:

1) This book has been transformed into a very successful TV series.

2) The author is a famous female writer.

3) Many of the author's books feature dystopian societies.

Child's book hints:

1) The main character is very little

2) It is another classic children's book, written by the same author as our Summer 2018 children's book club choice.

3) There is a movie made of the book from the late 1990's.

If you'd like to venture a guess and be entered to win a prize, please email the Social Committee at

Contest closes on October 24th at midnight, winner will be notified the following week.

Looking forward to expanding our imaginations together!

-Andreea Birloncea

ECSC Director & President of the Board of Directors of TSCC 2368

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