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Spotlight on: Chris Carbis, R.C.M. at Emerald City One

Dear Neighbours,

for nearly a month now, Chris Carbis has been the new face in Emerald City One's Property Management Office since the Corporation switched from Del Property Management to City Sites Property Management.

The Board and Directors, along with the Staff of EC1, have been thoroughly impressed with how enthusiastically Chris began his tasks here, and with the energy he's shown to keep his momentum going.

Not only are we confident that we chose well in hiring City Sites to manage our homes, but we are also sure that Chris is the right person to lead from the front line in the Management Office.

Chris will be directly supervised by Nicholas Chirametli (Vice President of City Sites) and the Board of Directors of TSCC 2368. We're happy to report that we've already had our first Board Meeting (September 26, 2018) together and it was the most productive one yet! A big "thank you" goes out to Chris and Nicholas for being so prepared from the very beginning!

Now that we've been getting to know Chris better, We thought that Residents should become more familiar with him, too. As such, I asked Chris to complete a short interview for the blog, available below.

Owners are also reminded that they are invited to our "Meet and Greet Event" on Thursday, October 18th, 2018, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Click here for full information.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea, President

On behalf of the Board of Directors f TSCC 2368


Chris Carbis, R.C.M., TSCC 2368

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience as a Property Manager?

I have been in the ‘biz almost 10 years, having started my career in the sales office of a major developer. I got to see how things ran from the ‘other side,’ which later came to be a help when I needed to deal with Tarion and the first years’ challenges. I have managed everything from 350 town house developments, to a brand new tower, just a bit bigger than Emerald City One.

2. Which skills do you think you'll be relying on the most in our building?

Drinking skills. Er, scratch that... One of my strongest skills is in the ability to extrapolate, based on seemingly disparate events or concepts. If Property Manages do their job correctly, residents will not think they need us. It is my knack of detecting situations before they are yet a ‘situation,’ then correct the issue, before it becomes a ‘problem.’ A talent everyone should develop is the ability to ‘know what you don’t know.” This is one of the most important skills a Manager can attain, in my opinion. Don’t guess, and don’t be too proud to ask!

3. What has been most interesting to you about our building?

Other than the "cat-astrophic" affair, my second week here? Sorry, nothing will ever compare to that day….

Seriously, I would say, that from what I’ve seen thus far, this building is in the best shape regarding a 4-5 year transitional situation which I have ever seen.

The Board has had some serious decisions to make and I am very glad to see how seriously they take their positions. It is not easy to change management companies; it would seem to be self-serving if I congratulated the Board on a decision well done, but I can honestly say the way in which they approached this, plus the thought and consideration taken before making the leap – both are clear evidence of how seriously this Board takes its position.

4. What are some of your short-term goals for our site?

To maximize the talents of all the team, from the custodial and concierge staff, to the Site Administrator, who has been promoted to Assistant Manager, but who shall remain anonymous (Caroline). I’ve always said to staff that if I do my job correctly, I will basically have no job after a year. Things will run that smoothly. Empower the team already on the ground. Really listen to them. Give credit where it is due. Encourage ideas, no matter how foolish someone might think the idea is, often there is a kernel of potential in them.

5. Tell us some interesting things about yourself!

I am the generation which grew up on Star Trek and Monty Python. I am a fan of history and a Recovering Blog site addict. I respect what the internet and social media can do for Society, but they will never replace simple human contact. I never want to be conventional or uninteresting. I grew up on 33 and 45 rpm., embraced the compact cassette, ferrochromes and metal tapes, managed to avoid the 8-track and the Betamax, only to witness the rise and fall of VHS and Cds anyway. Never a technophobe, but perhaps a techo-cynic.

6. What would you like our Residents to know?

Become involved. Get to know your neighbors! Many ‘problems’ are nothing more than misunderstandings, or the thoughtless reactions we make when we are tired, or busy or overwrought. Take a moment to find out something new about your community and try to rekindle the feelings you had when you first decided to live here.

This is your home, your refuge. The people on either side, or above and below, are your neighbors. It is not trite to say that

7. What would you like our Staff to know?

Every time a manager breezes in, I am sure the staff all think the same thing: something a colleague of mine said to a new Sales Manager, to whom we were being introduced, “Of all the Managers I have met, you are the most recent.” We live in interesting times, when many people think you have to shriek or over dramatize to be heard. That is not me. I prefer to look for the unsung heroes, the quiet, the modest. They will be noticed and acknowledged. Hard work does get noticed.

8. What would you like our Board to know?

Of my undying loyalty an devotion to them, and thank them for their obvious wisdom in choosing myself and City Sites as their team.

9. Any final thoughts?

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. If unable to comply, then at least be interesting doing it.

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