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Wind Storms: Batten Down the Hatches!

Dear Residents,

A few weeks ago, we had extremely high winds with gusts reaching upwards of 75km per hour. We had to run around securing the 5th floor terrace furniture, weigh down ongoing project areas and as a precaution, we closed the barbeques and terrace in general with everyone's safety in mind. This area is known for its crazy high winds and this certainly isn't our first time experiencing it.

To give you an idea of what the wind can do; when this building was still a construction site, I remember a staff member's car seen on camera being pushed across the parking area close to 80 Forest Manor. During several wind storms this past year, the heavy garbage bins from that same building and area were pushed into parked vehicles. We also had the unfortunate mishap of the wind knocking over and damaging one of the condensing units on the roof top.

As the Superintendents of the building, we try our best to minimize potential damage and see us safely through the storm. That being said, there are elements (see what I did there?) that are beyond our control. During high winds you may experience power fluctuations or power failure. During that time, we may be reduced to a single elevator and relying on emergency power from the generator that operates our vital systems and the emergency lighting.

I would like to remind everyone that emergency power will not provide any electricity to your suites and although, the security desk has power to continue access control and surveillance of the cameras, we ask residents not to request plugging in their devices to charge. The power at the desk is for the Corporation's equipment.

Heating and Cooling systems will also be affected during a power failure, since the fancoil(s) inside your unit run on electricity. Water pressure to your taps may be slowed because during an extended power failure the booster pumps that push the water through the tower are reduced to a single pump.

During extended power outages the amenities will be closed. The majority of the gym equipment requires electricity to operate and the only lighting available at the time, will be provided by the emergency system. Because the pool equipment (pumps, feeders and probes) need power as well, the pool and spa must also be closed until the power is restored and proper testing is conducted.

We do ask that when high winds occur to be mindful of what you have on your balcony. Please bring in any loose items or light furniture to prevent property loss or injury to those on the streets below. Keeping your balcony doors and windows closed will also assist as keeping them open can create a vacuum in the hallways, causing doors to slam or prove difficult to open. Anything that will turn into a sail such as fabric or tarps should be secured to the best of your ability.

We highly recommend parking in the underground to avoid potential flying debris. Please be mindful while walking in high winds as gusts of wind can make someone with the sturdiest legs start to wobble.


  • Douglas Carney, Superintendent of Emerald City One

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