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Parking Spots in Front of Building

Dear Residents,

As of November 5, 2018, the 5 parking spots in front of the building will no longer be 15-Minute Visitors Parking.

Of these 5 spots, the Corporation has reassigned 3 spots to be Contractor Parking (by permit only), and the remaining 2 spots are for quick couriers deliveries (food, post mail, & packages).

The Board of Directors and Management examined the following issues when considering this change:

  • Parking abuse: Visitors. Visitors were not following the 15-minute time restriction; using spots for extended periods of time made them unavailable for valid use by others.

  • Parking Abuse: Residents. Residents were parking in the 15-minutes spots (intended for exclusive visitor parking), making parking unavailable for valid use by visitors.

  • Contractors: The Corporation has many Contractors whose vehicles could not clear the height restriction on the garage door. We did not have alternative parking for these Contractors, therefore it was necessary to create reserved Contractor parking.

  • Deliveries (Parcels, food, etc.): As the parking spots were often occupied by unauthorized vehicles, when deliveries personnel were attempting to complete drop offs, they were forced to park in the fire zone in front of the building, risking the safety of building/triplex and receiving expensive parking tickets from the City of Toronto’s Parking Enforcement Officers.

For those who frequently use delivery services (especially takeout), we recommend that you inform them that parking should be available in this area and to follow the posted instructions.


Caroline Coitino

Assistant Property Manager

TSCC 2368

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