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ACMO Conference: The Value of Condominium Conventions

ACMO Conference: November 16-18, 2018.

What is there to learn?

My name is Edward Chin. Unbelievably, this is my first time being exposed to such a huge vein of information; an abundance of networking webs - jammed packed with trades, eager to show off their brand. Let's not forget the innovation and new engineering all geared toward making condominium run more efficiently and effectively.

I took a leap of faith and ventured into my first seminar Nov 16, 2018, at 1:45 pm - 3 pm - Rapid Fire Legal - highlights of important new legislative developments affecting condos - Cannabis Laws.

The seminars acted as a prequel to changes to come; those already in effect and those scheduled for the future.

Numerous items were brought up including - the Local planning Appeal - Bill 139 - OMB - Ontario Municipal Board, Short term rentals, fines/penalties...etc.

  • Upgrading the standard of review.

  • Enabling it to become more legally oriented.

  • Updated the appeal process to 2 stages.

  • Lpat granted final decision moving forward regarding licensing.

  • Added new limitation to appeal rights.

  • Changes to landowner - structure planning - once the application has been granted/denied - owners are unable to file another application for 2 years.

  • Added new limitations on the hearing process - 25 mins for each party.

  • No witness examination.

  • Expert opinions will not be considered.  

  • Stricter guidelines and shorter process times.

  • Hall party aka short-term rentals - Proposed amends/ changes to zoning law - companies like Airbnb would be required to register and/or require a permit.

  • Anything used for sleeping accommodations and under 28 days.

  • Proposal to add a licensing fee.

  • The owner has to be living at their property for at least 180 days out of the year for it to be considered their principal residence.

  • Adding new officers for Inspection/ compliance.

  • Increases to fines and penalties - 100,000 fines for businesses and 35,000 for owners.

  • Mandatory training for directors - must complete director training within 6 months or else be considered auto resigned. Training will be good for 7 years.

  • Major changes to Tarion.

  • Changes to Tenancy lease agreement forms.

  • Tenants can now request a copy of lease - if not provided by the owner within 21 days - tenants can now keep 1 months rent.

Such a short period of time, yet such a rush of information. This is why it's important that those managing condominium communities are up to date and current with what's happening, what's to come and how to best surf the waves of change.

So to answer the initial question of “what is there to learn?”... I say EVERYTHING!!!

Best Regards,

Edward Chin,

Administrator @ TSCC 2368

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