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Spare Suite Keys: Need More?

Spare Me The Key Tales

by Edward Chin

Strangely enough, life goes with some of us never losing our keys. But for the rest of us, its a nightmare.

Luckily, it's not that expensive to get a new key made; just pop by the Management Office, and for only $11.30 ($10+hst... less than the price of some combo items at Tim Hortons), we will be happy to provide you with a blank copy - with the blessings of your landlord of course.

After getting a blank, you will be able to take it to most places that duplicate keys and create as many copies as you'd like. Sadly enough, only Canadian Tire is unable to cut suite key, due to the highly sophisticated safety feature enabled within the blanks.

Have a great day,

Edward Chin.

Administrator at Emerald City One (TSCC 2368).

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