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In the News: The Board President & Blog!

Dear Neighbours,

we've done it again - we're in the News regarding our blog!

A big thank you to Michelle Ervin (Editor) from CondoBusiness, for interviewing me in mid-September for November's issue of the magazine. It was a fun experience!

The interview was regarding my Blog and experience with it, and how it has affected our Condo Community.

We explored questions such as:

1) When did you start the blog? Why?

2) What's involved? Who posts? How often? About what?

3) What has your experience been like? Has the blog helped you achieve what you intended it to?

4) What advice would you give to other boards considering starting a blog in their community?

Introduction to the Article:


CondoBusiness Magazine

"Condo boards in Ontario are currently wading through an alphabet soup of new “information certificates.” PICs, which is short for periodic information certificates, require boards to regularly communicate to owners about key aspects of the affairs of their corporation, such as its financial status.

The information certificates, established by recent legislative reforms, arose out of a review of Ontario’s condo laws, which identified a need to improve communication in condo communities. PICs and their counterparts establish a minimum standard of what boards need to communicate to owners and when.

But some directors are finding there are benefits to communicating more information, more often. Andreea Birloncea, president of a Toronto-area condo board, is one such director. CondoBusiness recently with Birloncea via email about the blog she started in her community" (Irvin, 2018).

To check out the rest of the article, please download the PDF by clicking here.

Thank you once again to Michelle and CondoBusiness for the interview!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea,

President of the Board of Directors of Emerald City One (TSCC 2368).

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