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AGM Election Follow-Up: Board President Re-Elected

Dear Residents,

The Corporation held our 4th Annual General Meeting on November 13, 2018; at this meeting there was one position available on the Board of Directors, which was the Owner- Occupied Position.

Our previous Board President, Andreea Birloncea, was the only candidate running, and I'm happy to announce that not only was Andreea re-elected via acclamation, but she is also still our Board President.

Andreea has been on the Board for nearly five years; it has been a pleasure working alongside her and I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from her for the next 3 years as she completes her new term with the Board of Directors.

Your Current Board of Directors are:

Andreea Briloncea - Board President

Ryan Moxam - Board Treasurer

Kevin Winson - Board Secretary

I also recommend you take a moment and read the blog that Andreea posted regarding the Annual General Meeting - if you did not have a chance to attend the meeting this post will provide you with everything you missed... it would feel like you were there yourself!

Best Regards,

Caroline Coitino

Property Manager - TSCC 2368

City Sites Property Management

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