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"I Sold My Suite": What to do when you've sold or bought a suite at Emerald City One

Dear Residents,

Recently, there have been numerous complaints received from Owners who have sold their suites to another buyer. 9 out of the 10 complaints received are regarding Common Element Fees, and why they are still paying it even after the suite has been sold.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, the Management Office is not 100 percent perfect in its ability to predict the future, even though we would like to. As such, we require the participation of both the current Owner and the upcoming Owner to do their part. This simply involves a little bit of communication, which could mean either calling the Management Office, emailing or simply just stopping by on to inform the office staff that the suite is being transferred effective on a specified date.

This information, however simple it may seem, is quite crucial and in turn will enable the Management Office to function more effectively by gathering the required information and updating the parties responsible to prevent any embarrassing future issues.

Now, when this process is not followed, the Management is forced to endure the yells and the angry emails from affected parties; and while we understand the frustrations, we can only act on matters (such as suite sales) that we are aware of. Let us push our Emerald CIty One community forward by making sure all the pieces fit into place.

Enjoy to the holidays,

Edward Chin.

Administrator for Emerald City One (TSCC 2368).

City Sites Property Management.

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