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Garbage Room: A Dirty Make-Over

Dear Neighbours,

beginning on Monday, February 4th, the garbage/compactor room will be getting quite a "make-over". During this time, you may hear some excessive noise during standard construction times, especially if you live on or close to the ground floor of Emerald City One. We expect this work to last for about 2-3 weeks, during which the garbage chute rooms will be shut down to allow for the work to be completed, and for the safety of our staff and contractors.

This "make-over" will solve several issues:

1. Re-Sloping:

It will correctly re-slope the room toward the existing drain, so that when the Superintendents clean the room with water from the hose, the water will effectively drain. This will reduce the time the Supers took to push the water towards the drain, and it prevents the water from sitting for too long and the bacteria and odours from penetrating into the concrete.

2. Sealing the Floors:

The work includes sealing the floors so that the water does not continue to penetrate the concrete, which not only helps maintain the structural integrity and lifetime of the concrete, but also helps prevent the dirty water from seeing into the Mechanical Area below the garbage room.

3. Preventing Odours:

By completing the above work, odours will be prevented. This means that less odours will carry up the garbage chute rooms and into the hallways (but please, still make sure that you close the chute doors after you use the waste disposal system!).

I will be sure to update this post as the work is completed.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea, President

on behalf of the Board of Directors of TSCC 2368


In the meantime...

As the chutes are shut down, please ensure that you dispose of your waste (garbage and recycling) appropriately, via the large bins in the front of the building (where the 5 parking spots for short-term deliveries and contractors are located).

Please click here to see Property Managements' post regarding the proper disposal of waste during this time, and the consequences of improper disposal.

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