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Keeping it Clean: Pest & Infestation Policy

Dear Neighbours,

one of the responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to ensure that this building is maintained not only in a way that protects the investment of our Owners, but also, the health of our Residents. We are lucky to live in a building that has never had a significant problem with bugs... there are many others who cannot say the same!

We like to think that, one of the reasons for having a clean and safe building, is because we take the threat of infestation very seriously, and act on any minor problems immediately. This is why we enacted a "Pest and Infestation Policy", that we believe is fair and preventative.

To summarize, this policy states that Residents who report pest issues (yes, even in their suite) will not have to pay for extermination services - we will take care of the problem for you! However, if problems are not reported and pests are consequently found in units, or found to have spread to the common elements, the Owner(s) responsible will be charged back for the costs of spraying their unit(s), and any/all part(s) of the common elements to which it is reasonably believed that the infestation spread to.

You may download a copy of the "Pest and Infestation Policy" by clicking here.

We are currently also working on putting together a package to help Residents better identify bugs, so that everyone can be on the look out should a problem arise. This is following a great suggestion that was given to us by an Owner during our last "Town Hall Meeting" - thank you!

Please report any incidents to Property Management immediately, so we can help contain and eliminate any small incidents before they become major concerns for all!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea, President

on behalf of the Board of Directors of TSCC 2368

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