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Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

Dear Owners,

Are you selling your unit, or did you just purchase a unit at Emerald City One? Has your banking information changed? Are you unsure how and/or when to notify the Management Office of such changes or how to setups new Pre-Authorized Payments for you monthly Common Element Fees? Well, let me help you with that.

All Pre-Authorized Payment Forms (click here for a copy of the form) must be received by the fifteenth (15th) of each month. Any forms that are received after the fifteenth (15th) will not be effective for the following month. For example, if Management receives a PAP form on February 19, 2019, the first pre-authorized payment would be on April 1, 2019, NOT March 1, 2019.

Now you may be asking yourself- "how do I pay for the month that the pre-authorization payment is not set up for?". There are various forms of payment that Emerald City One accepts, including:

  1. Certified cheque (payable to TSCC 2368),

  2. Money order (payable to TSCC 2368),

  3. Personal cheque (payable to TSCC 2368)*,

  4. PayPal payment**.

If you have any concerns regarding submitting a payment or PAP form please do not hesitate to contact the Corporation’s Administrator, Edward Chin at


Caroline Coitino

Condominium Property Manager

City Sites Property Management Inc.

Agents for and On Behalf of TSCC 2368 Emerald City One

*Please note if the cheque does not clear, there is a $50 NSF that you would be responsible for paying.

**Please note that there is a 2.9% +.30 convenience fee associated with PayPal payments.

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