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"Squeaky Clean at Emerald City": Cleaning Tips + PRIZE WINNER(S)!

Dear Neighbours,

as part of our new "Contractor of the Month" blog series, we asked Residents to submit their best cleaning tips! Thank you to Management for sending out a blast email to Residents for this survey, and to all the Residents who completed it! We received 15 replies with cleaning tips, and the amount of detail that some Residents included was truly amazing and appreciated.

The winner of our $100 cleaning basket is "ESTERINA"... congratulations! As an extra thank-you, we'll be giving EVERY RESIDENT who participated a special thank-you gift. We appreciate everyone's contributions!

All prizes will be available to be picked up from the Concierge Desk on Monday, March 11, 2019.

Let's begin with the winning post, Esterina's cleaning tips!

Shared by "Esterina", winner of our $100 prize basket:

- Baking soda made into a paste is an inexpensive general cleaner for bathroom sinks/tubs, kitchen surfaces. - When you leave a room automatically tidy-easier to clean a small mess than a big one. - File it don't pile it-have a home for everything and reduce clutter regularly. - Invisible Glass cleaner (available at Cosco) is a great cleaner for melamine cabinets.

Next, let's look back at Executive Maintenance Service's (our "Contractor of the Month" for March, and the inspiration for this post), as provided by Zeev Werek (Owner of EMS):

Shared by "Zeev Werek (EMS)":

As a lover of red wine, I’ve used this technique for removing wine stains. Do as I do:

- Blot don’t rub. Use a damp white cotton cloth to absorb the excess wine. Cry a little over the waste of good alcohol.

- Pull the fabric taut over a bowl with the stain centered. Ask a guest to help you out, preferably the one who made the stain.

- Sprinkle salt over the stain. Be sure to use enough to cover the whole stain.

- Pour boiling water slowly onto the fabric over the bowl.

- Wash after the party.

The following tips are provided by our Directors and Staff at Emerald City One:

Shared by "Andreea Birloncea, President of the Board of Directors":

I have a lot of white leather furniture in my apartment. While it doesn't get dirty as fast as everyone seems to think, it still does need some maintenance. Every 6 months or so, I make my own leather cleaner/conditioner so I can properly maintain and protect my leather furniture. This cleaner/conditioner works on real leather, bonded leather, and even faux leather - and I often use it on my purses and boots, too! RECIPE: (1) Mix 1/2 cup coconut oil with 1/4 cup white vinegar, as well as you can. You'll have to keep shaking the bottle as you use it. (2) Apply the product on a soft cloth (ensure no colours will come out of it first!) and wipe on the leather. (3) Then, using a clean cloth, wipe off as much of the excess product as possible. Note: Always do a test patch in a less noticeable area before you do it over the entire piece of furniture!

Shared by "Ryan Moxam, Treasurer of the Board of Directors":

Spray Resolve carpet cleaner works great to clean stained grout lines. Simply spray it on and wait 15min; then scrub with a nylon brush to make your grout lines sparkle. Make sure to seal the grout once the surface is rinsed and dried to prevent new stains.

Shared by "Caroline Coitino, Property Manager":

Clean your glass and/or windows with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar. If you really want them to be super shiny, don't use a rag or paper towel - the secret is newspaper.

And finally, with all the contributions shared by Residents, who all won a special thank-you gift!

Shared by "Oscar":

Clean as you go! Wipe down counters after you cook! Clean the stove after it cools down! Clear up residue in the shower / toilet immediately. REMOVE FOOD WASTE ASAP . You still still need to do deep cleaning but not as frequently and things stay relatively fresh all the time! Also minimize clutter but getting rid of anything unnecessary . It's easy to hoard stuff but let it goooooo.

Shared by "Veenisha":

When cleansing the home, do not forget about natural products that can be used like adding vinegar to water and cleaning the floors. Vinegar has anti-disinfectant property and remove the grease on its own. Make small balls of baking soda and Vinegar in an ice mould and add each time when you flush to clean the washroom. Any water blockage can be removed by this mixture! Works 100%!

Baking soda can also be used to naturally clean any stains on the Carpet(if you have one!) Are you allergic to fragnances and few essentials oils? Don't worry just add few lemon, cinnamon sticks to boiling water and let your home smell divine naturally!! - Air-purifying Tip!

Shared by "Vandhana":

I got this from a friend a years ago and modified it a bit to suit me. Its an all-day deep cleaning routine one should do at least once every 6 months. 9 A.M.–10 A.M.: Bathroom Vacuum and wipe the walls and ceilings, Toss any throw rugs into the washing machine, Wash mirrors and the insides of windows, Spray and soak floor, Rinse the floor. 10 A.M.–12:30 P.M.: Bedrooms Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings, and dust all surfaces, Let it breathe, Head to the washing machine, Clean window treatments, Wash mirrors and the insides of windows, Shampoo or steam-clean wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs. 12:30 P.M.–2 P.M.: Kitchen Clean the refrigerator and freezer, Degrease cooking appliances, Clean window treatments and wash the insides of windows, Wash surfaces and cabinets, Sweep, vacuum and mop floors. 2 P.M.–5 P.M.: Living Room, Family Room and Dining Room

Dust ceiling fans, Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings, Care for your couch, Wash your lightbulbs., Clean window treatments and wash the insides of windows, Clean and dust electronics, Clean the carpets. 5PM-10PM Order a well-deserved pizza for dinner and Netflix a movie/show.

Shared by "The Clean Gal":

Using Vinegar on your mirrors leaves no wipe marks, and using them to clean everything else also helps disinfect in a safe way and takes away any unwanted odours. It's also good way to clean your pets spills/mess using a homemade water & vinegar mix spray; it's the safest way I know for our lovely animals so there isn't much chemicals used. If you don't like the smell of vinegar: you can always add 1-2 drops of scented oils into the mix and make your home smell like your favourite aroma and it would take away from the vinegar. **Cool tip for wooden furnitures** If there are scratches on your wooden furniture, use a raw walnut and rub it straight onto the scratch mark; it will take away the scratch completely or if it's a big scratch, it will significantly make it less visible.

Hope these help! :)

Shared by "Astra Vaz":

Distribute cleaning over three or four days of the week instead of getting it all done over the weekend. It becomes part of ones routine and is less likely to be ignored.

Another tip is to invest in a good hand-held vacuum cleaner to instantly deal with crumbs and dust. You have less chores piling up if dealt with on the spot!

Keep Lysol wipes handy - restrooms and kitchen area can do with one each to instantly tackle something that catches your eye.

Shared by "Karen":

Put a cup of distilled vinegar along with your regular laundry detergent when washing clothes - it disinfects and helps to whiten white clothing! It's especially a good idea when using cold water in the wash (a great way to save on energy) as the temperature of the water with standard laundry detergent alone will not be able to disinfect.

Shared by "Danielle":

- Squeeze a few drops of lemon down your sink drain or put a few lemon chunks in your garburator to make your sink smell nice.

- Use white vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle as glass cleaner. (Cheaper and works better) - Sprinkle laundry beads in fake plant pots to make your home smell nice. - Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming to remove odour. - Use a toothbrush to clean mouldings or the cracks in the shower. - Use vinegar, water, and a drop of your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle for a natural cleaner.

Shared by "Nabat":

We try not to use too many chemicals. Vinegar and water work for us for glass. And baking soda and vinegar for sinks etc.

Shared by "Karishma":

Use vinegar and water to clean wooden floors. Always have a bath mat in the bathroom to absorb water. Wash clothes once in four days. Put cleaning liquid in washbasin.

Shared by "Erica":

1. Keep a couple of old towels or old t-shirts that you no longer use handy for greasy or sticky messes. Towels and t-shirts are quite absorbent and you can throw them out after. You can cut them into smaller sized rags too. 2. Invest in reusable dish sponges / cleaning sponges . These are those scrubbing sponges that you can toss into your laundry machine and reuse again. This reduces waste. 3. Make a schedule for cleaning the different areas of your home. Whether it be once a week or biweekly. Schedule it into your calendar so that messes and clutter don't build up! 4. Purge! It's hard finding a good size space to live in this city that is affordable so we end up settling for a smaller space to live. Don't buy things you don't need and make it a point to purge through your things regularly (ie. semi-annually) to declutter. Keep clutter to a minimum in your home. Clutter encourages dust and critters to collect and hide, it and makes it harder to keep your home clean.

Shared by"Jagdish Mahendra":

Items Required:

Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Soda),Hydrogen Peroxide 3%,Vinegar (Acetic Acid),Liquid Soap,Spray Bottles,Lysol Wipes,Mob,Dish washing soap (Dawn),Citric Acid

Cleaning bath tub: For soap scum , lime scale, bathroom grime, apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate 2 parts and one part of hydrogen peroxide 3% . Apply the paste on the bath tub and the tiles.Scrub with a hard plastic brush and wipe it with WIZ cloth.After 5 to 10 minutes wash it with water by flushing.

Cleaning toilet bowl: Apply the above paste and clean with brush.Then clean with water.Spray vinegar for odour.Could also clean with a cup of coke as it has phosphoric acid.

Cleaning the sink: Apply the above paste and clean with brush.

Cleaning the mirrors and glass windows: Spray glass cleaning liquid or vinegar (50%diluted) . Use static matic duster head to clean from top to bottom.To remove scales from shower screen, use paste and wash it with water.

Cleaning the stove cooking top: Spilled food and oil form crust on the circumference of cooking plate scrub it with a scrubber and with WIZ cloth(available in dollar store) .Spread dawn liquid soap and clean with microfiber.

Cleaning the oven: Apply the paste on the black crust of burnt food and leave for 10 to 15 minutes .Use a brush to remove hard crust and then clean with a microfiber.

Cleaning the microwave: Clean with liquid soap using microfiber.If hard crust is formed, use paste and clean it.

Cleaning wooden floor: Use wet mop or towel to static matic duster head. Clean it with liquid soap.Can polish it using oil soap.

Cleaning the carpet: Use light weight stick vacuum as it gives less strain than heavy vacuum cleaners. Prevention Better than cure: Never leave food particles on kitchen tops / oven / dishwasher. However the food particle is small, it could attract cockroaches, rats, ants etc.

Keep waste vegetable matter in bins with closed lid. Note: Hydrogen peroxide safe to use in the kitchen as it is H2O2. But not safe to drink or handle without gloves.

Even at the age of 86, I could clean and keep my condo clean and hygienic. All the tips mentioned here are used by me in my day to day routine. It causes no harm.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their cleaning tips! As always, please use caution and discretion when applying these tips to your home. Always do a test patch and take the necessary safety measures. We cannot verify or endorse any of the above - make sure it is right for you first!

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