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Bonkers March Break: Fun Pizza Party & Play Date!

Dear Neighbours,

thank you to all who registered for, and participated in, the "Pizza Party & Play Date" event hosted by the Emerald City Social Committee for the children and parents of Emerald City One. We had over 20 participants, and lots of fun volunteering! We hope it livened up March Break, and that both children and parents had fun!

At this event, we served refreshments such as water, juice, various snacks, and pizzas... and it seemed to be a hit! Everyone had fun feasting, and playing with each other.

We are especially grateful to the parents for ensuring that the kids left the Gymboree in a tidy state - thank you!

Children got the chance to try out the new toys in the Gymboree, which our Property Management Team, Caroline Coitino (Property Manager) and Edward Chin (Administrator) kindly assembled and stocked the playroom with. Thank you to both Caroline and Ed, not only for being on toy duty, but also for volunteering to help me run the event.

We hope everyone enjoyed!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea.

President of the Board of Directors,

and Chair of the the Emerald City Social Committee

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