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Bicycle Storage for Residents

Dear Residents,

The nice weather is fast approaching, and many will be riding their existing bicycles, or purchasing a new bicycle for themselves or their children.

Do you know where to store your bicycles and what the rules regarding bicycles are? Well, let me provide a refresher of Emerald City One’s rules and policies regarding bikes.

Do’s and Don’t's:

  1. Bicycles are not permitted inside the building; which includes and is not limited to elevators, corridors, suites, balconies.

  2. Bicycles must be stored either in your locker, or in the designated bicycle rack on P1 (which are available for rent).

  3. Bicycle racks located in front of the building entrance and next to the retail units are for visitor’s use only; bicycles must not be left over night on the visitor’s bike racks.

  4. Children are not permitted to ride their bicycles or tricycles in the building, no matter the age of the child or size of the bicycle.

Frequently asked Questions:

1.What will happen if I bring my bicycle inside the building?

Residents found bring their bikes into, but not limited to, the elevators, lobby or to a residential floor will be charged a cleaning fee of $84.75 ($75+HST), and for any damages that are deemed to be new along the indoor path that the bicycle owner took.

2. If I can not bring my bike into the building. How do I get to my locker?

You would need to use the garage parking ramps to gain access to your locker. We remind you that you are sharing the ramp with vehicles and that you must use cation and the correct signals while on the parking garage.

3. Why can’t I leave my bike in my parking spot?

Per the Corporation’s Declaration (specifically section 4.3 - A), the Parking Unit section states:

"Each parking unit shall be used for the parking of one (1) motorcycle or one (1) private passenger automobile, station wagon or van and for no other purpose." Therefore, bicycles are not allowed by the Declaration in parking spots.

4. How do I rent a bike rack and how much is the rental fee?

The rental fee is $113 ($100+HST) on an annual basis. Payment maybe provide via cheque, money order, payable to TSCC 2368, or, alternately, you may pay via PayPal. Once you have payment ready please visit the Management office and we will help you fill out the required form.

If there are any questions that I did not answer or you require further assistance regarding bicycle store please contact the Corporation’s Administrator, Edward Chin at


Caroline Coitino

Condominium Property Manager

City Sites Property Management Inc.

Agents for and On Behalf of TSCC 2368 Emerald City One

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