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Congratulations to "Lumenix": April's "Contractor of the Month"! + WINNER

Dear Neighbours,

yesterday was Earth Hour, and what better way to celebrate that than with appreciation for Lumenix, the company who has helped our building be more energy-efficient by retrofitting our interior building and garage lights in August of 2013. This retrofitted installation included lights emitting diode, lamps, and fixtures, along with the ballasts in all current fixtures found on the common elements.

This retrofit helped us save $63,599 during the first year of installation, and has reduced our electricity (hydro) costs by 53% annually. Taking into account 10% annual increases in the cost of hydro, the overall 5-year savings is estimated to be $351,415... that's a lot of money staying in our homeowners' pockets!

Thank you to Lumenix, for helping us and over 1,500 other buildings, keep our planet greener by "having taken 139 million kWh off the Canadian power grid" (and keeping more money in our Owners' wallets)!

As part of our energy-efficient theme, we asked Residents to share their best "Energy Saving Tips and Tricks", and we'd like to take this opportunity to announce the winner. Congratulations to "efficientLI", who not only had a great tip to share, but also an impressive pun with the name!

"Enjoy the outdoors in the summer! It requires no energy at all - stop spending time indoors and start enjoying our community more. We have many parks, trails, tennis courts, and so on. Use them - save energy, burn calories!" -efficientLI

Below you will find my interview with Lumenix's Michael Brunet (Associate, Sales, & Marketing). We hope it sheds some (efficient) light on what's been going on in our building, and how it's saving not only the plant, but also your money!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368.

Q&A with...

How would you describe Lumenix?

Lumenix is a Canadian owned and operated full-service energy management company servicing over 125 markets nationally. Our corporate headquarters and main logistics facility are based in Etobicoke with over 100+ employees and 50 in-house installers.Lumenix provides customized energy efficient solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the multi-residential, commercial, industrial and retail spaces.

- 10,000+ Clients

- 1,500+ Full Building LED Lighting Retrofits

- 10+ Years Experience

Our Services:

- LED Lighting Retrofits

- Building Automation & Control Systems

- HVAC Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

- Electrical Services

- Government Incentive and Analytics

- Product Testing and Photometric Modelling

What sets Lumenix apart from the other similar services providers in the industry?

Lumenix offers a substantially different service than most lighting service providers. A few of our core difference are:

- We never buy products from lighting distributors and procure our products directly from manufacturers and pass these savings to our clients.

- We use our own in-house installation and warranty teams and train our staff regularly to offer the best experience for all our clients.

- We have an in-house engineering team that tests new products and ensures they meet regular standards before recommending these products to new and existing clients.

- We have a large warehouse of lighting products and regularly stock our warehouse with the latest lighting products which allows us to start and finish installation projects on schedule

What are the core values on which Lumenix was built?

Lumenix was built on creating a workplace that values and respects people from diverse backgrounds and fosters a culture that enables great collaboration. Our Lumenix family is comprised of team members with a unique combination of talents, experiences, and perspectives. We are proud to develop and nurture emerging leaders as they progress through their careers. Having taken 139 million kWh off the Canadian power grid, it’s apparent that big ideas are at the heart of our service culture and passion to create a greener future. Our team members speak over 30 languages and bring a global perspective to every interaction to offer the right solutions for our partners.

What do you think the key to Lumenix's success has been?

There is a lot that goes into growing a successful business. We believe there are three core attributes that have helped make Lumenix one of the most trusted lighting companies in Canada.

Those attributes are:

- Hiring and training a passionate and committed team.

- Always putting our client’s needs ahead of our own.

- Maintaining a highly ethical culture that values diversity and teamwork.

What is your favorite part of working at Lumenix?

Being able to form great relationships with clients over the years has made working for Lumenix an enjoyable and fun career. On top of working with great clients, working with a great team of passionate people has been one of the best parts about working at Lumenix.

What has been the company's greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for Lumenix to date has been keeping up with the demand of helping our clients install the latest energy-efficient products. We manage this challenge by having a highly talented workforce that is passionate about delivering the best solutions to every client we serve.

Give us some of your best "going green" tips!

- Make sure all your lights are energy efficient LEDs.

- Use energy star rated appliances.

- Consider buying an electric vehicle for your vehicle purchase.

- Reward yourself and your family members for turning off lights every time they leave the room.

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