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"Going Green": Tips & Tricks from Residents (+WINNER)

Dear Neighbours,

as part of our "Contractor of the Month" series, for which Lumenix was chosen for April, and due to our effort to "Go Green" (especially following Earth Hour and moving towards Earth Day), we're excited to publish the great "Going Green" tips and tricks that Residents have shared with us!

Please see below for all the wonderful "Going Green" tips and tricks that were shared... and for the winner of a prize worth nearly $400!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the post, and to those who will keep the idea of "Going Green" in mind by applying as many of these tips as possible!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

President of the Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

One lucky Resident, "efficientLI", won a smart Nest Thermostat - congratulations! Let's start by sharing the winning post:

"Enjoy the outdoors in the summer! It requires no energy at all - stop spending time indoors and start enjoying our community more. We have many parks, trails, tennis courts, and so on. Use them - save energy, burn calories!" - efficientLI

Now, let's move on to the tips and tricks shared by our Board of Directors:

"Cook in bigger batches when possible, and freeze some for the future. When it's time to replace your appliances, make high-efficiency ones a priority. Thaw out your fridge as necessary to keep it running efficiently." -Andreea Birloncea, President.

"Know what is recyclable and how to recycle property (i.e. washing out containers). A load of Recycling that is spoiled with improperly recycled material or garbage is all sent to the landfill." -Ryan Moxam, Treasurer.

...and the rest of our wonderful Residents:

"Use Energy-Efficient Appliances. Service HVAC Systems Annually. Promote Recycling. Use LED light bulbs." -H. H.

"Get reusable (stainless steel) straws and take them everywhere, if possible with your own cutlery. Have always a small non-plastic bag. in your purse/bag, You never know when you will need one, avoid plastic at all cost" -osdapava

"Be more mindful of the plastics and single-use items that you buy. Stop buying single-use and companies will start making more eco-friendly versions". -thelaststraw

"Being eco-friendly: all our furniture is made of reclaimed wood or sustainably sourced wood. Lights out everyday at 10pm. Use major appliances only after 8pm. Disposal of recyclables/organics in appropriate bins. Heating on only when required." -Rahul

"Involving the kids in waste handling, disposing and recycling is my strategy to separate the wastes from recycles in the source and dispose them properly. Because we forget! But no-one can better enforce the rules on adults except the kids!" -Farokh laqa Kakar

"Car pool / public transit is a win-win, reduce emissions, save on gas and time (diamond lanes). Another one is using LED bulbs - save on energy usage, increase efficiency and cost efficient!! Compost is another great way going green!" -Ana

"Really think about what you need versus what you want. There's a lot of waste out there just because people like to buy, buy, buy, especially now with shipping being so easy. Do you really need a few items shipped in a huge box? Remember your carbon footprint!" - But I want it!

"Use energy efficient curtains - when it's cold, open them in the day and close them at night (do the opposite when warm)Use cold water to do your laundry. Turn off your heat/AC when leaving your home." -Meng

"'Is it a WANT or a NEED' - say this before each item you pick up when you go shopping for food, or clothing, etc. This can make the biggest difference to the things being put into Landfills." -Ginger Doyle

"I find the best way and cost effective way of going green is to hang dry your clothes instead of using the dryer and turn off/down the heat in specific rooms that you are not in." -Shirley

"Sort waste appropriately (green bin, blue bin, garbage). Toronto has resources available online. Turn water off when it is not being used. Make smarter "at home" coffee choices (Nespresso recycles used pods; Tassimo and Keurig do not). Make a meal plan for the week to maximize use of groceries and avoid waste. Unused devices should be unplugged to avoid phantom load usage. Use high impact appliances during off-peak hours (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer)." -Farah

"Switch to LED lightbulbs - they save energy and emit less heat.No need to preheat your oven to roast or cook, only to bake.Turn your heat or air conditioning off while you're out for the day.Keep plants!" -Karen

"Did you know: Tim Hortons coffee cup lids and sleeves can be recycled? Download the TOwaste app to see what else goes in your blue/green bins! Visit Community Environment Days to dispose of household hazardous waste (paint, etc.) for free!" -Patrick

"Use cloth instead of paper to clean (use old shirts & socks!).Wash laundry in Cold water instead of Hot.BYOB bags when out.Skip bottled water, use a canteen.Opt out of Junk Mail." -Will

"I preserve coffee grinds for compost in my spring planting and as a skin efoliant I also use empty washing detergent containers as weights and fill them with water and lift them to workout." -D. Wilson

"Sort waste appropriately, turn water & lights off, unplug appliances, meal plan (avoid food waste), off-peak energy usage, purchase recyclable coffee pod brands, reusable tumblers + H2O bottles, biodegradable cleaning products, reusable grocery + fruit&veggie bags, avoid "fast fashion", donate clothes." -Farah

"A couple easy ways to "Go Green" would be to switch lightbulbs to CFLs or LEDs in addition to lowering (in the winter) or raising (in the summer) your thermostat to ensure it doesn't come on when away from home." -Peter E.

"There are some ideas that might be helpful: Try to buy recycled products whenever possible. Energy efficient light bulbs could be used. Auto\timer light switches in some areas. Stone and Wood elements in decoration." -Mojtaba Tajrishi

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