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Found Pet & Pet Haven Reminder

Dear Neighbours,

On Thursday afternoon, while working outside by Moving Room, Superintendent Jason Lockton noticed a small bird fly by.

He looked over and saw a small budgie sitting in the branches of one of our evergreen trees. It looked exhausted and clearly wasn't meant to live outside, so Jason did what any animal lover would- he slowly approached until he was able to capture the bird and bring it inside.

After the bird was brought to the office, it was given seeds and water, and seems to be making a good recovery. The budgie has received a temporary cage and is staying with Jason for now.

If anyone happens to know who has lost the bird, please contact Management with a brief description of the budgie. We would very much like to reunite this little guy/girl with its family.

If someone abandoned the budgie , we'd like to take this opportunity to remind Residents that the Property Management Office is a "Safe Haven Drop-Off" for any unwanted pets - simply bring them to the Office and we'll make sure that the pet is placed in a safe environment or at a shelter.

To date, we have found too many pets abandoned and disposed of around the site - from birds, to hamsters, to cats. It is unfortunate to see animals treated like this when there are so many loving homes looking to care for them. Please be a responsible pet owner, even when that decision is to remove the pet from your home.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea, President

of the Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

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